Introducing the Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition for Self-Publishing Authors!

Ask any self-publishing author, and they will tell you that it’s incredibly important for their book to be available in as many formats as possible – especially e-formats. Electronic books can be less expensive to publish than their printed counterparts. That, in addition to low overhead, makes ePublishing a very attractive option for authors. As a matter of fact, there are some authors who don’t publish print books at all, but they have very successful writing careers.

Although ePublishing offers very few barriers to entry, some authors still postpone offering their book via electronic channels. Why? More often than not, they are intimidated by the formatting and distribution process. That’s where Outskirts Press comes in. We offer a full suite of electronic publishing services available to all authors – regardless of where their book is published. In addition to our Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad formats, we now offer a Barnes & Noble NOOK edition for authors who wish to offer their eBook for sale through B&N’s distribution network.

When authors purchase this option, they experience the white glove service that is promised to any and all authors who purchase any self-publishing or book marketing services from Outskirts Press. We handle all of the “heavy lifting” (i.e. eBook conversion and formatting, submission to B&N’s distribution network, etc.) for you, and you earn all of the money. You can learn more about or place your order for this option by visiting our Barnes & Noble NOOK edition page.

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7 thoughts on “Introducing the Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition for Self-Publishing Authors!

  1. Hi, Elise — if my book becomes available on the NOOK, does that mean we could approach local Barnes & Noble stores to do author events? My book is currently available in print and Kindle versions.

    Kathy Vorenberg
    K. P. Vorenberg, author of TIERRA RED

    1. Hi, Kathy:

      With your book available in print on B&N, you can approach stores about holding an event there. The NOOK availability enhances your book from an online sales perspective.

      I hope this helps!

      1. Thank you, Elise —

        I followed Barnes & Noble’s criteria over a year ago and submitted my book for approval to hold book signings in their stores. They turned me down because I don’t have any “endorsements” on the back cover of my book. That is why I asked about making an author appearance in their stores with a NOOK edition.

        Kathy Vorenberg\
        K. P. Vorenberg, author of TIERRA RED

      2. Hi, Kathy:

        Barnes & Noble can be incredibly difficult to get into. However, each store has different “requirements”. Have you tried contacting another store that is not too far away from you? You may have better luck that way. If not, I’d suggest going after one of the smaller independent bookstores. You can find these here:

        I hope this helps!

      3. Thanks for answering, Elise!

        My book is in every independent store in New Mexico and a few stores in Arizona and Texas. I have had hugely successful book signings at many of them. TIERRA RED is also featured on a new web site — — with many other self-pubbed and some traditionally published authors.

        It is the Barnes & Noble thing that has bugged me from early on. My book is located in New Mexico, right where I live, can be considered a regional story, and is still “unwanted” on their book table. I did deal directly with their New York office as per their instructions and came up empty-handed. Such is life, I guess.

        No matter, we keep on promoting the book — everyone who has read it is demanding a sequel and I am in the midst of writing just that.

        Have a great Tuesday!

        Kathy Vorenberg
        K. P. Vorenberg, author of TIERRA RED


    I have attempted to order twenty (20) additional copies and failed.

    I owe $50.00 storage which can be added to my book costs.

    Don W. Veatch, Sr.

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