Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: ‘Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket’ by Barbara Jean Ruther

The new year has continued to bring us tremendous good fortune! Outskirts Press has been, and continues to be, so lucky to work with many talented self-published authors. We’re so proud to say that 2013 is off to a fabulous start, as our Self-Publishing Book Spotlights demonstrate.

We continue our new year of book spotlights with author Barbara Jean Ruther’s romantic fiction, Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket: Love’s Survival Through Years of Deception.

This week’s Self-Publishing Book Spotlight is a romantic tale of longing, loss and deceit. Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket by Barbara Jean Ruther tugs at the heartstrings.

Some memories are like snowflakes. No matter how hard one tries to save them, they melt away and leave a stain in an empty pocket and in an empty heart.

When Michael finds that he is the reason his wife, Sarah, is unable to conceive, he asks his brother, Jonathon, to donate sperm for Sarah’s in vitro fertilization procedure. Michael makes Jonathon promise to never reveal the deceit to Sarah. Jonathon adopts Lavar, a young black boy, who had come to the Clinic alone, seeking help with a broken clavicle received from his mother’s abusive boyfriend.

Jonathon confides to his friend, Frenchie, “I am happy to be a single father for my son, Lavar, but my brother has found the rare woman.” Throughout Sarah’s pregnancy, Jonathon struggles an inner battle – that he is the father of the twins she is carrying and that he must honor the promise to his brother.

“Why do I punish myself by watching her?” he asks himself. He tries to stay away from his brother’s wife, but he is drawn closer – like finding a perfect rose and being unable to resist bending to it and inhaling its sweet fragrance.

Barbara Jean RutherABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Barbara Ruther was a corporate speaker and writer for Trans World Airlines. She wrote destination travel programs and gave presentations and seminars to travel groups. She is a poet and has been published in the Small Press publications. Barbara was born in New Mexico, has lived in New York and Chicago, and is now back home, living in Santa Fe.

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