Publish Now in Time for Holiday Book Sales

Believe it or not, if you’re a self-publishing author (or want to be) now is the time to start publishing your book if you want to be ready to reap the rewards of holiday book sales (when the majority of book sales take place).

You’ll be happy to know Outskirts Press makes the road to publication a simple one. In fact, we’ve boiled it down to a few simple steps:

  1. Connect with your personal Publishing Consultant to answer all your questions about starting the self-publishing process.
  2. Submit your manuscript to Outskirts Press.
  3. Connect with your author representative for one-on-one assistance throughout the publishing process.
  4. Relax while Outskirts Press creates your digital files for you to review
  5. After making sure your files are perfect, approve your book for publication
  6. Before you know it, you’re a published author, holding your paperback or hardback in your hands!
  7. While you wait for your masterpiece to become available worldwide on sites including Amazon,, and elsewhere, start working on your marketing efforts.

When you start publishing today with either the Ultimate Black & White or Ultimate Full-Color publishing package we will also format, publish, and distribute a FREE Amazon Kindle eBook Edition (a $299 value).

For more information and help choosing the best self-publishing service, contact your Outskirts Press Publishing Consultant today. There are three easy ways to connect:

“Over the years, I have been encouraged to share my life story with others to inspire them to believe in their ability to follow their dreams. However, I needed a book to do this and finding Outskirts Press proved to be the best publishing choice I could make. Outskirts Press provided me with the professional, beautiful book that I envisioned. All their employees are outstanding and know what it takes to make my dream come true. I sincerely thank them all.” —Inez A. Lasso, author of A Singing Journey

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