Writer Janice Sterling Gaunt wants your help choosing her book cover.

This sassy, brash, and honest book guides mature women through the pleasures and perils of today’s dating scene, all the way to the altar.


“This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their dating and relationship skills. Using a blend of humor and wisdom, Janice teaches powerful techniques for attracting and maintaining healthy, fulfilling connections with others.”

— Jenna Bush Hager, Co-host, TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, and Founder of Read with Jenna

“Along with her experience as a licensed professional counselor, Janice uniquely uses her gifts of humor and sensibility in passing on the dos and don’ts of navigating the dating scene in this modern age.”

—Julie Crenshaw

“If I’m being honest even the thought of dating again left a pit in my stomach, which I’m certain stemmed from fear! However, after reading Prince Charming Is Dead…Or in Rehab!, I now have newfound confidence and wisdom, which has allowed me to feel much better about entering the dating world. This inspiring and healing book has given me a plethora of useful tools I can practice every day, which will help me focus on healing my own heart first so I can “fix my picker,” as the author says is one of the key factors in attracting Mr. Marvelous. This book not only gave me many tools to ensure I enter the dating scene with confidence and ease but also taught me many things about myself, and that is the key to attracting the right partner!”

—HeatherAnderson,soheatherblogfashion. influencer

“Dating today is like the worst curse you could wish on anyone,but if THAT is where you are, GRAB THIS BOOK and FOLLOW IT! Let’s face it. The world around us is changing every day, and dating hasn’t gotten easier; it’s truthfully gotten much harder! This is the bootcamp you need to find your inner Princess Charming.”

—LeeAnne Locken , Travel Content Creator, TV Host, TV Personality, #SGTL& #RHOD.

“I really enjoyed reading Janice Gaunt’s new book! As a housewife, I’ve seen many housewives often end up as ex-housewives, and this book gives REAL advice to help the crazy gauntlet of the dating world. This is a perfect book for any single girlfriend!!”

—Kameron Westcott, Public Figure, #RHOD

“Janice’s book has been incredibly instrumental in changing how I date. I was able to heal my dysfunctional family patterns, learn how to re-parent myself, and practice self-care and self-love. Today, I have a beautiful relationship that is based on respect and self-care.” Janice’s tools and guidance changed my life!”

—Hilary Roberts, Recording Artist, Speaker, Founder of Red Songbird Foundation

About the Author:

Janice Sterling Gaunt, a licensed professional counselor, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and a master of arts degree from Amberton University. She has trained extensively with Terrence Real, founder of the Relational Life Institute, and Pia Mellody, senior clinical advisor for The Meadows. Janice has been in private practice for the past twenty-two years, specializing in helping both individuals and couples experience abundant living as they overcome the effects of their own childhood traumas. Janice is also the author of The Shame Game—Leaving Shame to Live in Abundance and has a podcast with Tova Sido called The Remedy with Tova and Janice. She lives with her husband in Dallas.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Janice Sterling Gaunt.

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