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Save $500 on any One-Click Publishing Suite Outskirts Press

When you set out to write your book, did you think, “I can’t wait to format my book’s interior!”?

How about “I’m so excited to be my own marketing assistant!”? Of course not! You said to yourself and to anyone who would listen, “I’m a writer!

But you do need formatting, marketing, and many other essential things, like editing, to turn what you write into a book. So, for today only, let Outskirts Press wave our magic wand and make $500 disappear from our completely turnkey One-Click Publishing Package. This package features dozens of benefits geared specifically to your book’s genre, as well as free book copies for marketing . . . and more. In addition, the One-Click Publishing Package is the only publishing bundle that automatically also includes coveted marketing options such as Author Platform Setup Through Social Media, Google Books Preview, Book Video Trailers, Amazon Author Profiles, and Amazon Listing Enhancements.

Simply enter promotion code holidayoc, and you will save $500 instantly—but for a limited time only!

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