Hot Summer, Hotter Deal: Receive $300 Spending Money with Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing

How are you spending your summer vacation? If you play your cards right, you can tell everyone you spent it getting published! It’s actually a great time to take the leap.

First, publishing ahead of the holidays gives you breathing room. You’re well ahead of the hustle and bustle of company parties, family gatherings and holiday baking. That means you can devote your energy and attention to making your book the best it can be before it goes to print (and ebook).

Second, starting the process now means you may be able to kick off the new year with a new book, or close to it. Depending on how much you have left to write, you might be able to pitch your newly minted tome to post-Christmas or Valentine’s Day shoppers. Boom — one resolution down, only a dozen or so to go!

And finally, you’ll save money. How? With $300 spending money from Outskirts Press! Purchase our Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package in August and we’ll throw in a credit of $300 you can use to purchase or pay down any Outskirts Press service you desire.

Outskirts Press has a number of valuable publishing, book customization options and book marketing services that demonstrate just how far $300 can go, including:

  1. Professional Copy Editing. An experienced copy editor will ensure a polished manuscript that is free of errors that could destroy credibility.
  2. Custom Cover Design. Book cover design can be as important as content in reeling in readers and increasing your odds of selling.
  3. Ebook Publishing. An ebook edition opens selling potential to millions of readers.
  4. Book Video Trailer. Capture imaginations in the virtual realm with a vivid book trailer, complete with professional graphics and set to music!

To claim your $300 credit, place the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package in your shopping cart and enter promo code 300-Spending at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email when the credit has been added to your account.

How will you spend your $300? Tell us in the comments!

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