‘Have I said too much …?’ How to preview your book without revealing it all

As an independent author, you’re all too familiar with the quandary of marketing: When, and to whom, should I send free copies of my book? Hardcopies have a small printing cost per book for self-publishing authors, and many fear that an ebook could end up in the hands of someone who might otherwise buy.

The Flipbook First Chapter Excerpt delivers the power of “try it before you buy it” marketing to hook potential readers, anywhere and everywhere you choose to share it … but without sending more complimentary copies than you can afford. Outskirts Press recently introduced this marketing option as a highly cost-effective way to market without incurring printing costs, while still allowing you to display a portion of your book exactly as it was intended to be viewed.

Like Amazon Search Inside the Book, the Flipbook First Chapter Excerpt allows you to provide a preview of your book to encourage your audience to buy, cover or review your book. But the Flipbook’s distinct advantage over Amazon is its flexibility: It’s not tied to the Amazon bookstore so you can use this option to preview the first chapter in many formats and venues …

  • Embed a link to your Flipbook in Custom Press Release that media contacts in radio, TV and newspaper can automatically view
  • Post it on social media as an effective tool in your marketing plan
  • Supply a Flipbook to bookstores to encourage ordering
  • Submit to reviewers to gauge interest
  • Place it on your website and/or blog to entice readers
  • Post your Flipbook anywhere you want your amazing writing front and center
  • You can even let others share your Flipbook preview so you can truly reap the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing!

In addition to this product’s flexibility, it’s also ideal for authors who wish to give readers, media and literary players a tantalizing taste of their work while maintaining close control over how many promotional copies are circulating.

Getting readers hooked is easier than ever with the affordable Flipbook First Chapter Excerpt marketing option from Outskirts Press! To purchase the Flipbook First Chapter Excerpt, simply login to your Publishing Center, place the Flipbook First Chapter Excerpt in your shopping cart.

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