Tapping Into the Reader’s Ultimate Resource: Go Big with Goodreads!

When we talk about putting the power of Goodreads into your hands, we’re talking about big numbers, big impact, and an extraordinary edge in a crowded market. We’re talking about accessibility and visibility. We’re talking about tapping into Goodreads’ user base of over fifty million users, its tight links to Amazon’s product reviews and Google indexing algorithms, and its ability to bump your book from the bottom of a person’s “to-read” list to their “recently purchased” pile.

All you need to do to reap the rewards of joining this online community of avid readers is to sign up for the Goodreads Marketing Campaign at Outskirts Press, and our expert marketing staff will help you promote — and sell — your books through this stellar service! Best of all, we will be offering you a full 10% discount during the month of July.

You can beat the heat without ever working up a sweat! When you invest in the Goodreads Marketing campaign, you will automatically receive a thirty-minute consultation with one of our dedicated staff as you collaborate to set up your Goodreads Author Profile. Your consultant will demonstrate the various features of Goodreads as well as show you how to connect with more readers — the right readers — by engaging with them through the platform’s social components, giveaways, and paid advertisements. Together you will create a “per-click” advertisement which will target your readers by genre, location, gender, or age. You set the budget, reap the rewards, and browse analytics showing your ad’s efficacy by clicks, views, and other metrics of engagement. Goodreads users can even add your book to their “to-read” lists directly from the ad!

There’s no reason why you can’t leverage the power of Goodreads as a part of your marketing campaign. And with our July discount, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start taking advantage of this highly engaged, book-centric network of future readers by investing in the Goodreads Marketing Campaign today! Enter the promo code of Save10Good on the Outskirts Press website at checkout to receive your 10% discount. One of our marketing consultants will get in touch, and together you will craft a new platform upon which your book can shine!

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Read how Goodreads is helping our author, Joseph Bronson:

As an author, the Goodreads campaign has worked out great. The book giveaway garnered a lot of attention for the book, and I am expecting an increase in reviews and sales by utilizing this campaign. While I am new to Goodreads, I see the potential in cultivating new readers. Since I recently read that 21% off all Goodreads members have a book blog, I am looking forward to reaching out to the membership to boost my readership.

– Joseph Bronson, author of Golf Chronicles

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