Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books from Outskirts Press Authors

Every published author knows the inexpressible sense of joy and accomplishment that holding a physical copy of their book in their hands can bring about. It is a tangible version of what was once a dream, an ambition, a deep-seated desire to bring your story to life. That all being said, there is a large growing audience of e-readers, i.e. potential fans, that may never have access to your book if you’ve only published it in print form!

This month, the Amazon Extreme package allows published authors to get their book into a Kindle edition, while simultaneously promoting their hardcopy edition via the “cover enhancement feature.” With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing, which makes your book much more attractive to potential customers.

Further, the Amazon Extreme package provides the Search Inside the Book program, which allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.

There is really no substitute for walking into a bookstore, scanning the shelves, turning a book over in your hands, and eventually bringing it home to place on your bookshelf alongside the other authors who’ve made it into your home and your heart. However, we live in a digital age and an age of high-speed travel. Sometimes choosing just one book to bring for a plane-ride is a daunting task, and a library is far too heavy to lug around (unfortunately). Having a digital library is something that many bibliophiles are finding to be a practical option for convenience of reading on the go. Don’t have your book miss this very important customer base!

Our eclectic Top 10 list not only illustrates the broad interests of the e-book-buying public; it also demonstrates the breadth of diversity of modern independent authors, particularly those publishing with Outskirts Press.

Below we have a list of the top 10 Kindle Books published by Outskirts Press:

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