Easy ways to continue promoting your book during National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month, so take advantage of this opportunity to promote yourself, your book(s) and your passion for writing! On March 1st we shared the first 15 tips of creative book marketing ideas. We hope you’ve found a little bit of time each day to use the book promotion tips we have been sharing this month. Below are your tips for the rest of the month.

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March 16 —  Go social. Create a social networking account on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. Outskirts Press makes it easy with a social media platform set-up service that gets you started toward promoting and marketing your book through social media.
March 17 —  Help writers in training. Contact the English departments at local colleges and universities. Offer your services as a speaker to discuss your experience as a writer and the importance of National Reading Month.
March 18 —  Set your poetry in motion. If you’re a poet, start preparing for National Poetry Month in April. Outskirts Press offers a Poetry Formatting Kit for poets wanting a high-quality, professionally-formatted volume of poetry, with a custom-designed layout (including graphics) but without the custom-designed price!
March 19 —  Plan the topic for your next book. Read the top books in your genre and the reviews on sites like Amazon. Make note of what people liked and disliked, and then write an outline that will set your next book apart and attract the most readers.
March 20 —  Spread the indie-publishing experience. If you know other writers who are ready to publish, help them get started with a referral to Outskirts Press. Join the Outskirts Press affiliate program today and receive a 10% referral fee after their book is published.
March 21 —  Expand your network. Look for other writers in your area that share your interests. A good place to start is on sites like MeetUp.com. You’ll probably find a variety of local groups consisting of both published and un-published writers. It’s an excellent way to share resources and get advice from other like-minded local people.
March 22 —  Feature your genre at local libraries. Libraries are often looking for themes for fun promotional events. Tie in a promotion of the genre you favor to compliment the libraries’ National Reading Month activities. Offer to supply a free book or speak at an event.
March 23 —  Hold a teleseminar in honor of National Reading Month. Invite all your contacts to attend a seminar about writing for a particular genre or self-publishing. Tying the national celebration to your presentation will give it much more visibility.
March 24 —  Reassess your publishing options. If you published elsewhere, this may be the month to switch to Outskirts Press. Assess your current publisher and ask yourself if you’re happy with what you’re getting. Even if you’re not ready to switch, Outskirts Press offers a variety of marketing products and services for authors, regardless of where they published. Browse those marketing products today at: www.outskirtspress.com/marketing.
March 25 —  Recommit yourself to blogging. If you already have a blog, recommit to keeping it active. If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing an opportunity to showcase your skills and attract new readers. Build an interactive experience on your blog using polls, asking readers a question in your posts and doing things that will help generate discussions and build relationships with your readers.
March 26 —  Register with blog directories. Take a few minutes to find directories that promote writers’ blogs and submit a listing.
March 27 —  Join the “news-talkers.” News talk shows on local radio stations are often glad to have guests to talk about current events. Offer to participate in a show focused on National Reading Month. If the schools in your area are holding reading events, recruit the organizer and offer the talk show host guests that can discuss the issues from different perspectives. Concerned about what to say? Get training from Outskirts Press with their Top 10 Radio Interview & Media Training service.
March 28 —  Create a brand. Every business has a brand, and as a writer, you should too. Know your market niche and brand yourself and your work. For example, what do you think of when you hear the names Agatha Christie, James Patterson, Dan Brown or Robert Ludlum? You probably recognize them not just as mystery writers, but as mystery writers with a specific perspective. Think about the thing that makes you unique as a writer in your genre and use it as your brand to generate more visibility in the market place.
March 29 —  Get social. Make sure you have accounts at sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest where you can reach out to your audience. You can even set your blog posts to appear automatically on several of these sites to get more mileage out of your blogging. Outskirts Press offers a social media platform set up service to make it easy for you to get started.
March 30 —  Sponsor a contest. Use your social media exposure to promote your book by using it as the prize for an online contest. Get creative in designing a contest that will catch the attention of your audience.
March 31 —  Set up Google Alerts. Set up Google alerts to send you a notice whenever someone online mentions you, your book titles or your brand. Decide if the source of the alert would be a good place to join in a conversation or offers additional promotional opportunities.

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Ashley Townes, a public health professional based in Atlanta, Georgia, combines her work experience in sexual health with her spirituality to develop her first novel. She believes that morals are an important factor in human behavior and decision making. Ashley is currently enjoying the gift of singleness while pursuing the heights of her professional career until God sends someone that will lead their empire.

Have you ever wondered why do I keep going from relationship to relationship? Why is this new one much like the last one? Is it me? I need something more! I want something meaningful — a true love that will love me without boundaries, restraints or conditions. You know the fairytale love of happily ever after. Well guess what? You are probably looking for love in all the wrong places. Here is my advice: If you are looking for love, look up. If you are looking for a healthy and long-lasting relationship, look up. If you are looking to get past your hurts, again I say, look up. Stop looking at a man or woman to fill this void when only God can. Realize that your worth is not in how much attention you can get or in the sweet words whispered to entice you into the bedroom. Nor is your worth based on broken relationships, abortion, children out of wedlock or even HIV/AIDS. Your worth comes from God alone! Know this: Christ is the Savior and He died to set you free! Stand firm in that freedom given to you and do not be entangled by sin again. (Galatians 5:1)

– Ashley Townes, MPH, CHES,, author of Entangled

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