“Show Me Your Love” Winner is Announced!

The videos were fantastic. The voting was tight. The love was spread. When all was said and done, Rebekah Tyne McKamie, author of The Snow Fence, was named our big winner of the “Show Me Your Love” contest. Rebekah’s video was well-done and it’s obvious that her book is loved. Here’s the winning video:

VIDEO WINNER: Rebekah Tyne McKamie, author of The Snow Fence

Rebekah wins a brand new, HP – 15.6″ Touch-Screen Laptop – AMD A8-Series – laptop complete with Windows 10 for being the finalist receiving the most public votes for her video in the 5th Annual Outskirts Press “Show Me Your Love” promotion. Congratulations, Rebekah!

Rebekah Tyne McKamie has authored numerous devotionals and blogs, advocating for Marriage and aching for the hearts of Christian youth. She lives on five acres in beautiful Colorado with her husband, three children, and far too many animals. For more information, visit www.rebekahtyne.com. You may also visit her webpage at http://outskirtspress.com/thesnowfence.

Book Synopsis: Seth Gowan, a wealthy teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome, is surrounded by love and predictability until he makes a costly mistake that sets tragedy in motion. Though he is suddenly burdened with a nearly impossible measure of grief, Seth eventually forges bonds with a set of mismatched housemates, and seems to find renewed peace with them. But when someone from Seth’s past suddenly reappears, a looming secret has the power to cause the entire makeshift family to erode. Can love endure and renewal abound enough to hold up against the current? Experience fine wine, sweet music, barbed wire bites, and dry kibble. Blur the lines between healing and hurt, friendship and family, love and hate, the impossible and what is. Each soul on Plaid Row is a work-in-progress. They are also vital brushstrokes in a masterpiece God is unveiling around Seth Gowan – one section of fence at a time.

Here is how the voting stacked up for our top 3 videos. Thank you to everyone that submitted a video to us this year.

VIDEO #1: Rebekah Tyne McKamie, “The Snow Fence” 51.55%
VIDEO #2: Craig A. Combs, “Blue Smoke” 39.75%
VIDEO #3 – Florina Petre, “Vivo, The Magic Bear” 8.7%

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