3 Elements to Creating the Best Book Possible

Writing and self-publishing a book can feel overwhelming to new authors, but it doesn’t have to be! Wherever you are along your writing or publishing journey, we’d like to help simplify things for you.

We’ve broken down the many steps along that journey into the three elements you need in order to create the best book possible – and they’re elements anyone can implement. Keep the following essential elements in mind as you write, polish and publish, and you’ll soon be on your way to self-publishing success:

  • Commitment. There is no great finished work without a small start. If you’ve determined to write that great American novel, step 1 is to commit to the writing in the first place. Every day. For now, don’t focus on making everything you put down in black-and-white brilliant – just focus on creating daily. The real brilliance comes with the next element.
  • Content. Want to know the real secret to creating a great book? Hint: It’s not the writing. It’s the rewriting. It’s the hours you spend revisiting that raw material and reshaping it. Often, the revision bears little resemblance to the original manuscript – and that’s a good thing! Take the essential step of enlisting a professional editor to view it with fresh eyes and the benefit of invaluable experience in the publishing industry.
  • Cover. It may seem trite to focus on such seemingly banal things as how you choose to “decorate” the book, but a great cover is far from trivial. Cover art is far more important – even more important than your content – to getting readers to consider your book in the first place. A good cover attracts attention, specifically from the type of reader you wish to capture, all while lending credibility to your book, and giving the reader important cues about the content. For these reasons, it’s just as import to seek professional assistance with the cover as it is for the content.

Whatever stage you’re in with your writing, editing or publishing, there is always help available to ensure that your book is the best it can be when it hits the shelves. Contact Outskirts Press to find out more about how to get your project finished and perfected so you can start selling!

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“Very responsive and timely. My thanks for making this an excellent experience for a novice author.”

Will Ottinger is a Houston resident and life-long enthusiast of World War One aviation. He previously published a non-fiction work in England on the art of painted military miniatures where he gained the recognition of Grand Master painter. His interest in the history and lore of First World War aviators began as a boy, and now includes a large collection of original documents, letters, autographs, and photos as well as an extensive personal library on the subject. The collection proved invaluable in researching “A Season for Ravens” to ensure its accuracy and feel for the period.

The year is 1918, during the final chaotic months of World War One where three pilots must each confront their personal demons in the skies over France and Belgium. Nathan Fleming, fleeing from Chicago’s slaughterhouses, is a volunteer officer in the Royal Flying Corps, struggling to overcome his working-class origins. His newfound friend, Billy Teal, is a wealthy Southerner and gifted pilot who cleverly conceals his insanity and murderous intent. Across the lines, they face Lieutenant Stefan Dietzel, a disillusioned ace of the Imperial German Air Service, separated from his dying wife and tasked with molding a forgotten group of young pilots. The three fight to survive in the high arena-where the average lifespan is three weeks-and on the ground, where they touch the lives of those whose paths they cross.
– Will Ottinger, author of A Season For Ravens

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