3 Ways to Boost Your Book Sales on Amazon

As a self-publishing author, it’s hard to ignore the impact that Amazon has on today’s book-buying consumers. Kindle titles make up more than 19% of all books sold in the U.S. What these statistics tell us as we increase book sales is that it is critical for readers to be able to find your book on Amazon, including an electronic version of your book. Why not take advantage of the rise in popularity of Amazon and Kindle and get a competitive edge right off the bat? Here are three tips for increasing your sales on Amazon:Amazon Extreme (3 marketing services, one discounted price)

  1. Go electronic. Sure, you can sell hardcopies on Amazon, but the popularity of the Kindle ebook device is not to be overlooked. Ebook sales account for roughly 30% of all book sales, and Amazon has a 65% share within the ebook market. Authors who offer both print and Amazon Kindle editions are reaching out to two different demographics – and markedly increasing the pool of potential book buyers who view their book.
  2. Grab readers’ attention. A compelling summary of your book and a snazzy cover are essential to making an impression on readers. Make sure the description for your book adequately describes what the book is about and makes potential buyers want to read more.
  3. Let shoppers sample the merchandise. Once you’ve got readers’ attention, keep them hooked by offering a sample of what is inside. With Amazon Search Inside, book buyers can browse through a portion of your book online.

You can use these three tips to maximize your book sales potential on Amazon!

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