Self-Publishing Authors Can Expand Their Reach Through Social Media

Traditional and self-publishing authors have one important thing in common these days when it comes to book marketing: Both need a social media presence in order to make the most of their one-on-one and word-of-mouth marketing opportunities.Author Platform Through Social Media Set-Up

Years ago, avid readers learned about juicy reads at the local coffee shop, book clubs, newspaper reviews or even over-the-fencepost conversations with a neighbor. The advent of the Internet has changed these social landscapes forever. While the neighborhood watering hole is still a terrific place to learn about the hottest new literature, the potential reach of social media is too great to be ignored. No longer does an Outskirts Press author need to get the word out one encounter at a time; with social media, that same writer can drop a quick Facebook post or Pinterest pin and “chat” with hundreds of virtual friends all at once.

Some social media sites, however, are more intuitive than others. For some, it may not take much time to get a Facebook page up and running, but Twitter or Pinterest might prove confusing. You may be wondering how much time it will take to get started and whether you can afford the time investment. And even if these social pages are successfully established, how does a newbie know whether they’ve used the page to full effect? How does one know if he’s reaching the right audience? Are there tools to getting the most impact from a social media platform that could be getting overlooked?

Outskirts Press can accelerate the process of setting up your social media platform. No, scratch that — we can do it for you! Our social media and marketing specialists are not only adept at establishing your social media presence for you but also shaping your online image so that you aren’t just reaching people but turning them into readers.

Are you interested in boosting book sales by building a powerful social media presence? Let Outskirts Press take the lead!

 Outskirts Press Social Media Platform Set-up

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