The Self-Publishing Debate Continues: Hardcopy vs. Electronic Books

It’s doubtful that the debate over the merits of hardcopy books versus ebooks will be settled anytime soon. It’s safe to say that right now, there’s plenty of room for both in the bookselling market – and plenty reason for new authors to take advantage of the strengths in both formats.

We’ve broken down a few of the primary features of both formats into a simple comparison of the advantage of each:

Security vs. Easy Updates:

Many authors are hesitant to rely solely on electronic files of their creations. You never know when a computer could go down or a file could get corrupted. You’ll be glad at those times that you have a hard copy to refer to! But don’t shun electronic books altogether: When you want to release an updated or enhanced version of your novel, an ebook version gives your fans instant access to new, juicy material.

Last-Minute Personal Sales vs. Instant Downloads:

Chances are, your book will come up in conversation more often than you expect. Rather than hope your new friend will remember your book title long enough to order the electronic version, keep hardcopies ready to accommodate unexpected sales opportunities. However, for those social media and email communications, a link to your ebook gets your work instantly into the hands of people all around the globe.

Keepsake-Worthy vs. Sharable:

Hardcopies provide a tangible memento of your accomplishment as an author, and they make great gifts for family members and friends. Then again, having an ebook version allows you to instantly pass along promotional copies to editors, reviewers and even movie producers without having to ship a copy that could take days to reach its intended target. That instantaneous access means your ideas get into the right hands while they’re still fresh in someone’s mind.

Satisfying to the Senses vs. Environmentally Friendly:

To a book lover, here’s nothing more satisfying than the crisp feel and woody smell of a newly minted book. It enhances the reading experience in ways that ebook readers sometimes can’t. On the other hand, many eco-conscious readers love the idea that they can continue to enjoy their love affair with books without sacrificing a tree.

In a recent survey by the Codex Group, 97% of people who read ebooks said that they were still wedded to print, and only 3% of frequent book buyers read only digital.

Clearly, there’s a distinct place for both hardcopy books and ebooks, and it’s wise to have each at your disposal at all times.

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My whole experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding. From the time I first submitted my children’s story book for publication, a team of specialists guided me through the entire process of publishing Fritzi Finds a New Home. As a novice writer, I knew almost nothing about the publishing procedures. I had many questions, which they answered quickly and they patiently helped me to overcome my hesitancy and maintain enthusiasm. I am very happy with the book.

Nellie Branan’s story is based on a real dog who came to their house as a forlorn, bedraggled stray with soulful eyes begging for someone to love him. She and her husband considered Fritzi a special blessing because he gave them unconditional love and loyalty. The pleasure he brought to their lives filled a void that they had not known existed. Nellie is a retired English teacher and her husband, Bud, a retired mechanic. They live in rural Ohio and their lives revolve around home and an extensive family.

Abandoned and afraid, Fritzi searches for a new home. Left alone in the deep woods, Fritzi realizes that no one will be coming to rescue him. He is terrified by a violent thunderstorm and becomes truly lost. He then determines to find his own way out of the woods and to search for a new home. Chased, attacked, and rejected time and again on his long journey, Fritzi is injured and tired and hungry. But he continues on, bravely clinging to the hope of finding a new home where someone will welcome him and he can feel safe.

– Nellie Branan, author of Fritzi Finds a New Home

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