Self-publishing Takes a Bigger Bite of eBook Market

Self-publishing authors take heart: Self-published books continue to gobble up more and more of the publishing market.

A recent survey by Bowker Market Research, a firm that provides information and research on the book Ebook Package Largeindustry, discovered in a survey of 2012 book buying patterns in the United Kingdom that self-published ebooks now account for 12 percent of book purchases. Bowker typically surveys more than 3,000 book buyers each month to determine trends. While this recent survey focused on UK book buyers, similar trends are often found in the United States and beyond, so American publishers, take note.

Overall, self-published books still account for just 2 percent of all books purchased in the UK 2012; however, thanks to favorable pricing — and we can probably attribute some of this market share grab to the accessibility on ebook platforms that tends to equalize books regardless of their source — self-published authors are making headway online.

The news gets better when you break down books by category. Self-published adult fiction and non-fiction now accounts for 14 percent of the book buying market. That share soars to a whopping 20 percent for romance, humor, crime and science fiction categories combined. Self-published children’s ebooks, the survey found, still account for just 3 percent of the market.

It’s interesting to note, too, that the Bowker survey identified women as leading the way in self-published book buying, and heavy readers — those who read daily — were more likely than light readers to purchase self-published ebooks. The later is especially encouraging, as it may indicate that discerning readers are increasingly satisfied with the quality and selection they find in self-published book.

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