Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: ‘Because I Said So’ by Dr. Charlotte Rainey Green

Outskirts Press is proud to help creators realize their greatest writing ambitions. Self-publishing a book is a huge task, so we take great pleasure in sharing the successes of our independent authors and showing off all of you in our weekly Self-Publishing Book Spotlight.

This week we’re proud to feature another of our self-published authors, Dr. Charlotte Rainey Green, and her parenting guide, Because I Said So, A Discussion on Parenting Styles and Achievement Gaps.

Outskirts Press author Dr. Charlotte Green’s book, Because I Said So, not only investigates the influence that parenting styles have on children’s social and academic success, it also examines salient components of the history of African Americans and the possible correlation that history has on African-American parenting.

While most parents want their children to be happy, productive and successful, few parents know the exact parenting strategies that help give their children an academic edge and a social boost. Children, the author notes, do not come with a manual, and while Green’s book is not a “manual,” per se, it will provide new strategies for parents based on solid research and cultivate high academic achievement for their children.

Written to prompt a dialogue on parenting techniques and to foster a discussion of the effect parenting has on student achievement, Because I Said So helps parents identify their own behavior as either authoritarian, authoritative or permissive parenting. The predominance of particular parental behaviors can either promote student achievement or hinder student success, which contribute to academic gaps found within educational systems.

Green also offers a thoughtful overview of specific aspects of African-American history and the influence that history has on current parenting strategies in African-American families.

Because I Said So concludes with a helpful discussion of specific parenting tactics that can close student achievement gaps. Green acknowledges that these achievement gaps negatively affect our society as a whole — not just individual children — and the more knowledge that parents, educators, community leaders and local business leaders have to overcome these gaps, the quicker they will be able to bring communities to the ideal they seek.


Dr. CharlottCharlotte Greene Rainey Green is a school administrator and community leader who explores parenting styles and their possible contribution to academic achievement gaps. Dr. Green conducts professional development for educators and facilitates conversations among churches and community groups, discussing the cultural and social implications parenting styles have on student achievement. Her passion for quality education and strong family structure cultivates communities where schools and families unite to promote high academic achievement.

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