Obtaining book reviews is an important part of your overall book promotion strategy. A positive review from an unbiased reader can often help boost the sales of a book. A book review can help a reader make a decision on one book over another. As important as these reviews are, many books receive either very few or no reviews. As a self-publishing author, how often have you submitted your book to a blogger or other reviewer only to receive no response in return? Or worse yet, have you dreaded even the thought of submitting your book to reviewers?

ForeWord Clarion Guaranteed Book ReviewWhat if you could submit your book for review and actually receive a response — and in a timely fashion? Now Outskirts Press self-publishing authors can now take advantage of our ForeWord Clarion Guaranteed Book Review option. This service allows you to get an unbiased and (most importantly) guaranteed review of your book. You can be confident that the review you receive will be both honest and credible. Also, you know that your book will be reviewed and you won’t have to wait several months like with other reviewers (authors typically receive their review in about ten weeks).

The reviews are written by a professional Clarion reviewer, typically consist of about 200-300 words, and are 100% honest. That means that you could possibly receive a negative review. However, even negative reviews contain elements that can be extracted for marketing purposes and can even be used to improve upon your writing for your next book.

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2 thoughts on “New Marketing Option for Self-Publishing Authors: ForeWord Clarion Guaranteed Book Review

  1. Reviews do not have to be 200-300 words in order to be honest. Personally I do reviews and I am sure that the authors I have reviewed have seen an increase in sales due to my efforts. I also do interviews so that the reader gets to see a bit of the reader. I do not believe that a review should be just a regurgitation of the plot but a few sentences of how the book made you feel. This and this alone will intrigue or turn away another reader. And as a side note I have many authors from Outskirts Press on my TBR list.

    1. Hi, there:

      You’re absolutely right – reviews don’t have to be 200-300 words to be honest. This was only an example of a Kirkus review. As long as the reviews provide important feedback to the author, they are essentially perfect.

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