New Book Marketing Option from Outskirts Press

Add your book video to custom CDs.

If you already have an Outskirts Press Book Trailer, you may want to include it with your book for offline marketing efforts when contacting reviewers, journalists, or producers.  Then this new service is for you!

Option Details:

We will take your Outskirts Press produced Book Video trailer and create 5 custom-labeled CDs that automatically play your video when placed into a computer. These CDs are a perfect addition to your press release and sales sheet when pitching your book to a reviewer, journalist, producer, or other member of the publishing industry or media.


The auto-starting CDs require Windows XP or Windows Vista and Media Player 9.0 installed.

Do you have a fantastic book video trailer from Outskirts Press?

Put it on custom-labeled CDs so you can use it for your offline marketing purposes, as well.


Order the Book Video CD option from within your Author’s Center on the Marketing Options screen to receive 5 custom-labeled CDs featuring your Book Video. Additional packs of 5 Book Video CDs are available for purchase as well. 

See what authors have to say about the amazing Book Video option from Outskirts Press.

“Wow! We’ve been amazed at the response to the video trailer for Writing as a Small Business. Barely 48 hours and we’ve had nearly 200 views at the different sights. Personal e-mails are overwhelmingly positive, “Slick,” “Right on Target,” “Very Professional,” “Fantastic,” and “Best I’ve seen.”

The editing process was excellent, the staff followed our suggestions and went a step further. Thank you and your staff for developing this vital marketing tool for your authors. As Writing as a Small Business stresses a web presence is vital and the wave of the future for marketing and selling books. You all proved it.” – Nash Black


“When I first viewed the video, I didn’t know what to expect. Then, WOW! You and your staff did a spectacular job with both the video and audio! I wrote and produced TV commercials for years and even won a CLIO, and I’m very impressed with your production! The quality of your work is impressive. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for me!” – David Brookover