A self-published authors Kodak Moment

Our published authors are often so overcome with emotion when their beautiful books arrive that they want to share the moment with us, like this one from Cheryl Russell, author of Thankyouology.

“When I was told about Outskirts Press by someone who had done considerable
research and comparisons, I visited the website and was immediately sold with easy-to-understand information and how-to steps giving me the feeling that I would be a co-partner in the publishing process.

I also liked the idea that book orders would take 2 – 3 weeks rather than 2-3 months as I experienced when my first self-published book was printed overseas. Based upon my gut feeling that Outskirts Press is a quality-oriented, customer-service focused company, I referred two other authors whose books actually came off press before mine. The day THANKYOUOLOGY was ‘due,’ I couldn’t wait for it to be ‘delivered.’ I actually tracked down the UPS truck at an earlier site where Jesse was kind enough to accommodate me and even posed for a photo to commemorate the event.

Then I drove the precious box containing my ‘new baby’ to open it with my sister. That’s how I got this incredible Kodak moment. A picture really is worth a thousand words…or at least two of the most powerful I know: THANK YOU, Outskirts Press. Yes, indeed!”

Cheryl Russell, Author


How the Art of Saying Thank You Transforms
Your Life!


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