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It is wonderful working at a place where you get to help so many people. Published authors cannot stop saying nice things about Outskirts Press.  We’re here because we love helping authors publish their books professionally and successfully. Comments like these below make all the hard work (and long nights) worthwhile. On behalf of all members of our Production and Author Support departments, we extend a heart-felt thank you to all our published authors. We couldn’t do it without you.

I can hardly wait to publish my second book.

“Publishing my book with Outskirts Press has been an amazing journey. A dream come true which would not have happened without the support of their outstanding staff.

After doing extensive research for the best publisher for my book, Embrace the Light, I was sold completely when I found Outskirts Press. My Author Representative went the extra mile for me. She took me through the publishing process step by step with patience and humor, which always made me feel optimistic. When she asked me to choose a poem for my website, I read it to her, and tears came to my eyes. It was a poem I dedicated to my students. She was extremely compassionate.

Since my book has been published, I have the supportive Marketing COACH to help me promote my book. My students inspired me to write my book, and to see the pride and happiness on their faces when they first saw my book, left me speechless. Everyone is so proud of me, and I can hardly wait to publish my second book of poetry with Outskirts Press in the near future. Thank you, Outskirts Press, for all of your help!”

Donna M. Solitario, successful author of Embrace the Light







The finished book is everything I dreamed about!

“There is nothing quite as thrilling as receiving a delivered box with your very own book in it! The driver laughed when he saw how happy I was, but then I told him about my beautiful book, and we opened the box together! The finished book is everything I dreamed about and more. The cover design is professional
and attractive—excellent color choices! I have sold almost 50 copies in a week, and have plans to place them in bookstores from Montana to Texas! I wholeheartedly recommend Outskirts Press to anyone with a story to tell.”

Ann Smith, successful author of Simple, But Not Easy

My Author Representative was fantastic!

“When I first decided to write a book, I knew that the publisher would be the critical component. I approached some traditional mainstream publishers first. Fortunately, through some contacts in the business, I was actually able to talk with some of the editors or publishing managers. None of them impressed me that they would be working for me. In fact it seemed that if my manuscript was lucky enough to be accepted, I would be working for them – and it would cost me!

So I did my research and found that Outskirts Press had an excellent reputation. And viola! What To Do When You Become The Boss is now a reality.

Being a technical book for new managers, my manuscript presented a challenge to Outskirts Press. Unlike fictional novels, What To Do When You Become The Boss required a lot of formatting with tables, graphs and illustrations. Outskirts Press could not have been more helpful and professional in meeting my requirements. Nothing was too much trouble. My Author Representative was fantastic! And the turnaround time really surprised me. Every time I submitted a request, it was answered immediately.

The finished product is very impressive. Quality of print and binding are as good as I have seen (and the hardcover dust jacket is of higher quality than I have seen on most other books). Speaking of the cover, I had my own initial design which I thought was pretty good. However, the cover designer at Outskirts Press played with my original concept in a way I had not thought of. The result is a striking cover that really stands out amongst similar type books in the management genre.

All in all, I could not be happier. Thank you to the team at Outskirts Press.”

Bob Selden, successful author of What To Do When You Become
the Boss

It was so easy to follow step-by-step!

Old Girl Talk is my second published book, but the first with Outskirts Press. Naturally I couldn’t help but compare my two experiences. Outskirts Press amazed me with its well-planned technical accessibility. It was so easy to follow step-by-step and the whole process moved along in a timely manner.

Of course I had personal contact with my representative when needed. The finished product is exactly as I pictured it to be. I am delighted with the cover, as are all my friends.

I would especially like to comment on the Marketing COACH advise that I am receiving. It is very helpful and most welcome. I recommend Outskirts Press to others, and plan to use it again myself.”

Susan LeGree, successful author of Old Girl Talk







 My dreams are now as real as my book!

“I’m writing to you to express my heartfelt appreciation for everything that your company has done for me. The quality of the finished product was beyond my greatest expectations. I found the entire publication process to be straightforward, well-explained, and in the end, simple. In fact, I happily recommended Outskirts Press to my sister Amy.

Most surprising to me of all has been the continuing support that Outskirts Press has given to me in the aftermath of publication. The Marketing COACH, webpage, and Author’s Center make me feel as if Outskirts Press is ever present and ready to help lift me up when I stumble. I can’t wait to finish my sequel, and see all of my work in its finished glory!

More importantly, Outskirts Press fulfilled all of their promises. My Author’s Rep went out of her way to help me during crunch time, and with any luck, she’ll be able to help me along the way with Book Two. The Marketing COACH is constantly teaching me additional ways to improve the reach of my book. I recently discovered that a local book store near my home town was ordering my books to stock on their shelves!

I had no preconceived notions about it, but my dreams are now as real as my book. They have reawakened my childhood belief that magic is still alive and well in the world, you just need to know where to look for it.”

Erik D.J. O’Brien, successful author of Kur’s Rage

All you can do is sit back in wonder.

What impressed me most about Outskirts Press was the breadth of services they offered. While they published a very attractive soft cover, e-book and hard back edition of my book and had it offered online in both Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s in around 2 months; that was just the beginning.

They created my author’s webpage with links to every method of distribution, produced a promotional video and had it embedded in my webpage and available on YouTube, embedded an audio clip of my reading on my page and designed the page itself to include an excerpt from my book, some of my industry reviews and a brief biography. To top that off, it’s appearing at the Frankfurt Book Fair and all of this was professionally produced for me in under three months. All you can do is sit back in wonder as all of this occurs because Outskirt’s understands how to leverage all of the current evolving media channels to the benefit of your book.”


Jeff Roberts, successful author of Little Stories






Outskirts Press exceeded my expectations!

“Getting published is a dream finally come true for me. A long struggle to get published the traditional way was truly disappointing. I could not get a publisher’s attention without an agent and I could not get an agent without first being published. In addition, it takes from two to twelve months to get a response from a publisher. Time just seemed too precious to waste as months turned into years and I sat waiting only to get another rejection notice and taking notice that my novel never even got read.

Reading Writer’s Digest magazine one day, I came across an article about self publishing. After doing extensive research I found Outskirts Press offered the best package and at a very affordable price.

Thanks to Outskirts Press, Destiny’s Warriors, the first of ten novels in my series has finally come to life for me as I hold the finished product in my hands. Outskirts Press exceeded my expectations. The cover, the illustrations, format and style of the book are simply beautiful.

My experience with Outskirts Press was not only fun and exciting but very educational. My author representative was very patient with my many questions and replied quickly with complete answers and suggestions. She gave me guidance through each step of the publishing process and was so friendly as we built a bond. What is most impressive to me is that it didn’t end with the printing of my book. Outskirts Press continues to stand behind me by way of a Marketing COACH who continually gives me information as to marketing, where, when and how in easy-to-understand instructions. I now feel confident to promote my book, attend interviews and book signings as I begin a professional career as a novelist.

I look forward to submitting my next novel, feeling that self publishing with Outskirts Press is the best way to go. Not only do I retain ALL my rights but they make my book to my specifications. I have complete control as to price and post-publication revisions if I so desire.

They even set up my own free webpage ready to sell my novel by way of and Barnes & Noble. Thank you, Outskirts Press, for making me  a published author, who can now enjoy the limelight at book signings and interviews.”

R.M Putnam, successful author of Destiny’s Warriors

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