Heat Up Book Sales with 15% Off the Book Launch Bundle

By now, you may have heard us mention the importance of ramping up for holiday sales well ahead of the first snowfall. If you missed it, the reason is that many publications are already finalizing their content, layouts and advertising space months in advance. If you wait until it begins to “feel a lot like Christmas” to seek out publicity, your opportunities to market may have largely melted away.

Make sure the world hears about your book during the giving season by preparing for your Christmas marketing now. Outskirts Press wants to help you do just that, so we’re offering 15% off our popular Book Launch Bundle in August! It’s the perfect way to promote your hot new book effectively and affordably — and on time.

The materials in the Book Launch Bundle let you organize a marketing push that reaches multiple audiences in a variety of mass marketing venues: social media, print media, broadcast and other platforms they’re using as they shop. It culls together all the most popular, must-have marketing products into one comprehensive marketing campaign pack.

These services were hand-picked to offer authors a multi-pronged promotional push, and include:

  • Custom Press Release with distribution
  • PR Publicist Campaign with leads forwarded to you for follow-up
  • Social Media Setup, which lets you market to a large online audience cost-effectively
  • Book Video Trailer & Distribution to highlight your story in a compelling marketing video
  • Personal Marketing Assistant who’ll spend 5 hours jump-starting, or restarting, your marketing efforts!

The Book Launch Bundle price already represents a huge savings compared to purchasing the same services a la carte — and now we’re taking another 15% off! To take advantage of this sale and the bundle pricing, login to your Publishing Center, place the Book Launch Bundle in your shopping cart and enter Promo Code BookLaunch15 at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Set your marketing machine in motion …