Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: SatisFillment by Eden Sterlington

Outskirts Press is constantly helping creators realize their greatest writing ambitions. Self-publishing a book is a huge task, so pardon us while we sing the praises of our independent authors in our weekly Self-Publishing Book Spotlight.

This week we’re proud to feature another of our self-published authors, Eden Sterlington, who gets personal — and quite professional — with SatisFillment: Your Proven Pathway to Power.

Outskirts Press self-published author Eden Sterlington puts her expertise as a professional independence coach to work with SatisFillment, teaching readers six simple focus points for life reinvention.

“A book that can be read in an hour, a life that can be changed in thirty days,” writes veteran life coach Sterlington. Based on the Tungsten Triangle strategy of power, passion and peace of mind, this new guide shows anyone who sometimes feels like a middle age mess to start confidently pairing a life change activity with a healthy lifestyle change. One can start being happier immediately.

Sterlington’s exercises begin even before her readers get out of bed in the morning, continue through each day and help them:

Achieve personal growth by moving beyond their comfort zone
Explore freshly their most deeply held convictions
Forgive and be forgiven
Develop “self-intimacy”
Rediscover childlike contentment
Easily add physical activity and healthy eating to their daily routine

Sterlington pulls no punches. She lets her readers know that being happy does not just “happen.” Each person has the power within them to help how they feel about themselves and about their lives. By incrementally making one’s real life congruent with one’s core values and beliefs, any person can achieve a harmonious, dynamic state, both inwardly and outwardly.

Sterlington has coached professionally online, individually and in groups, and has specialized in helping baby boomers come to terms with themselves, their lives and their heartfelt desires. Rejecting that bland “Baby Boomer” label, however, Sterlington refers to her peers instead as “Sage Soldiers,” “Wisdom Warriors” and “Change Champions.” That implied vote of confidence carries through the pages of her helpful, innovative new guide.


Eden Sterlington discovered the keys to living instead of letting life live her, and she decided to share her insights with the world. She is a mother, an emotional independence coach for baby boomers, a friend, a confidante and a proud counter-culture advocate for her peers. She lives in Chicago.

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