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Outskirts Press is now helping veteran authors like Ronnie Lee take advantage of Pinterest to promote their books smartly and stylishly.  Every month Outskirts Press will be adding a new Board on Pinterest to feature a prolific author, just like Ronnie Lee.

Pinterest describes itself as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love” and by March, 2012 Experian Hotwise declared the site to be the third largest social network in the U. S., right behind Facebook and Twitter. Now Outskirts Press authors can take advantage of this growing promotional channel to earn additional exposure for their books and their author platform.

In recognition of Ronnie Lee and the impressive number of books he has published (13 and growing),  Outskirts Press has created an exclusive Ronnie Lee Pinterest Board where he can display all his books and tell potential buyers a little about each of them and about himself.  Initial pins include full color book cover images and a color photo of the prolific author himself, making his author platform virtually “real” to the site’s millions of viewers. This, in turn, can help make Ronnie Lee even more well known as Pinterest users “pin” Lee’s books to their own Boards, spreading his work and words to their own followers.

Hong Kong born, Ronnie Lee started writing his unique freestyle prose philosophies in 2003 and he’s been publishing with Outskirts Press ever since.  With more than a dozen books in all (The Genesis of Science, Poetic Discovery and The Philosophy of the World are just three of his titles), Ronnie Lee is among the most prolific authors of his generation and has amassed an impressive, poetically sensitive body of work, crafted to search for the scientific truths and laws behind today’s world.

Each of my books is full of practical reasons for the world to gain hope, motivation and direction,” author Ronnie Lee states, “in order to succeed both on this planet and the ones we hope to encounter in the future.”

Ronnie has teamed up with Outskirts Press for almost a decade now and together they have achieved the formidable library of Lee’s works now on display on his Pinterest board. Pay him a virtual visit on Pinterest, follow him, and share pins of his books with friends or family who might benefit from his insights.

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Guest Post: The Success of Self-Published Outskirts Press Author Ronnie Lee

Today we are pleased to be joined by Ronnie Lee, an Outskirts Press published author. Below he shares a few details about an exciting milestone in his career as an author.

I shall start though with my trip to Jerusalem in October 2010.

Between the 19-25 October 2010, I went to Israel for the Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine and had a wonderful time, both at the conference and on the tours. I am an Ambassador for Outskirts Press and so I took some booklets and distributed them to a gift shop and another publishing contact who was based in China. I also had brought my own book The Science Of Life and my manuscript that I had bound locally, in Hong Kong, for the conference that I wanted to give to the organizers. I did manage this at the end of the conference and so most of my objectives were met. I had also found great theories for my medical biology studies and so the whole trip was a great success. Whilst I was there, I met some really nice and kind individuals who I began to know and discuss the issues that concerned us. The first lady I met was Cristina from Canada and we toured together for the first few days. Another person was from Hong Kong, Lawrence whom I had never met before but he had immigrated to Canada for work as a chiropractor. But also I had met Tali who lived in Jerusalem and she started to show us the sites around the great city.

By the time I had seen the sites in the first couple of days, I wanted to see if could deliver my book to the Hebrew University Library for them to approve in their catalogue as I had already had my first 8 books accepted into the Hong Kong Central Library. When I told this to Tali she said she knew a librarian there and could submit my book to see if it could be approved. I eagerly agreed yet there was still a lot to do at the conference. By the time it was over, I said I would send Tali The Science Of Life as I had already given my original one to the organizers of the conference.

When I had arrived back into Hong Kong, I sent Tali The Science Of Life and soon after she received it, she gave it into the Hebrew University Library. I had given her a herb book later for being so friendly to me whilst I was in Israel as she studied herbs as a hobbie.

Later as we connected on LinkedIn and Facebook she emailed to say it had been accepted into the Hebrew University Library. This was on the 28th February 2011 and I felt so ecstatic because it was such a historic and important university because it was founded by Einstein and had his general theory of relativity stored in it as well as it being in the greatest Holy City in the World. It was a great success!

Then a few days later on the 2nd February, my poem ‘Christmas Day’ was published in Outskirts Press Facebook Anthology called ‘Fandemonium’.

Then today, literally a few hours ago, on the 3 February, I had news I had reached the Finals of the Reader Views Literary Awards for my 7th book, Philosophy : Back to Basics and that the winner would be announced later.

I waited and a few hours later, only this morning on the 4th February 2011, was informed that I had come 3rd in the ‘poetry’ genre, which is a difficult genre to win. I was given an award with an ‘honorary mention’ in the list.

My amazement and astonishment at this week’s events creates a milestone in my life’s work adding to its honor of being a writer, a poet and a philosopher, and the privilege of being related to some good and great people both socially and professionally.

I sometimes think I have lost my way and that life has too much to overcome but I realized that there is always hope somewhere along your destiny even if they are just glimpses at a time but I know that if you work hard enough, and put your trust in the Lord and have faith in life and bravery in yourself, then you can not just progress but succeed in ways to your dreams.

I have not always imagined these events but I have wanted to write a book through my early twenties and had imagined honors along the way.

I realize love is not always an individual truth, but also a united truth. It can come singularly or as a community. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all by anyone, but in these cases you have yourself, the environment and God on your spirit. It is then you realize the importance of life. The honors are great as it shows you made your good influences and worths in your life through your choices and actions showing a person as intelligent, beautiful and respectable. But in the midst of wilderness with only a pen and paper, you realize the honor is in your own courage. The week has been a great honor and success seems to make your destiny, work and life finalized, giving satisfaction and stopping regrets. These are all important yet we must be prepared to work hard, love readily and think realistically. Beyond our honors we still have to survive, be healthy, happy and hopeful both singularly and as a community. This reality keeps us humble. It is the reality of a writer wanting to know a way to cope with life and to make life easy and happy yet the words that come out are only stabilizers for my mind and crutches for my spirit. It has been a successful day and this is my blog. It is a blog of a tremendous week that I will remember with awe, love and happiness. It is a time of hope for me.

Ronnie Lee.

Author Ronnie Lee

Ronnie was born in Hong Kong. He is a Chinese poet and philosopher who is achieving his enlightenment through truth, knowledge, and reason. From his Western education, he has developed his style of poetry to incorporate modern philosophy into a foundation for universal understanding.



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Self Publishing Author Spotlight: Ronnie Lee

Ronnie Lee is a Chinese poet and philosopher who tries to see the justice, meaning, and wisdom that are at the core of each of his experiences in this world, sharing his observations with others through his unique poetic words and images. Lee has been writing poetry and philosophy for over nine years. It is Lee’s hope to unify values and beliefs so that we can all see the truth in our existence. Born in Hong Kong, he emigrated to Portsmouth, England, with his family when he was two. He studied there and in London and now continues to commute back to Hong Kong for his work. To date he has published seven books with Outskirts Press, featured below.  


 The Genius of the Metropolis
by Ronnie Lee  

The Genius of the Metropolis unites philosophy and poetry in freestyle verse. The poems cover general social philosophy and provide perceptive observations about today’s problems, from the present economic crisis to the ongoing fragility of our society. The first chapter addresses the problems faced in the economic market and explains what happened and why with philosophy, logic, psychology, and spirituality. The poems also steer the reader to a better understanding of the importance of morality in the business world, especially as it relates to God’s wishes.   


Poems of Life
by Ronnie Lee  

Poems Of Life is a new and exciting philosophy book which discovers the fundamental principles that lead to a better life in work, relationships and individual prosperity and it overcomes this modern life for people who need identity, understanding, love and meaning. This book shows new wisdom for the new man, the existential man, who can overcome the odds of surviving and prospering in this World. It defines the need to be happy, profit and win but shows the reader the level of honour needed too through valued morality so we can succeed in more ways than just monetarily but also spiritually and religiously.  


The Book Of Life:
Existentialism, the Will and the Truth

by Ronnie Lee  

Through the medium of poetry, author Ronnie Lee shares his thoughts on existentialism, the Bible, and the Will. The Book of Life centers on logical reasoning to guide you, the reader, on a quest for answers to the most fundamental questions of philosophy and religion. You will walk away with a better understanding of life and the universe we live in. This stunning and deeply moving work will forever change the way you see the world around you.  


 The Meaning of Life
by Ronnie Lee  

Continuing with themes first established in The Book of Life, author Ronnie Ka Ching Lee uses poetry as a vehicle for expressing why we are alive, how we are alive, and what we can do to make life better. The Meaning of Life: Existentialism, the Universe and Social Problems is a meditation on the nature of existence, the politics of will and psyche, and the quest for enlightenment and new knowledge. The Meaning of Life is a highly unique and important contribution to philosophic thought.  


The Philosopher King :
The Philosopher-Poet and Utopia

by Ronnie Lee  

The Philosopher King: The Philosopher-Poet and Utopia gathers dozens of Lee’s free-verse poems on subjects as diverse as finance and morality. Together, they reveal the core essence of a more humane world in which business, politics, science, and love all work together to fulfill our deepest psychological needs. The society hinted at is one governed by a more just, moral framework in which our corporeal world and spiritual existence fuse into a harmonious co-existence that respects humanity in all its forms. Lee brilliantly shows the prosperous future we will ultimately claim when we approach the business of life with the heart of a poet.  


Philosophy: Back to Basics
by Ronnie Lee  

 Philosophy: Back to Basics tackles the dynamics of power-where it springs from, how it is wielded, and ways to harness it. In Lee’s unique form of narrative free-verse poetry, Philosophy: Back to Basics unleashes a powerful and rising intellect on the topic. Discover the source of sexual attraction. Learn the motivations of each gender. Acknowledge the purpose and place of fear. Explore the dynamics of race relations. Study good business practices. And heighten your sense of spirituality. 



The Philosophy Of Life :
God, Wisdom and the World Psyche

by Ronnie Lee  

The Philosophy Of Life : God, Wisdom and the World Psyche is a collection of poems that unveils the secret truths of this world, uncovering the reasons and purpose of our existence. It is another stunning insight into the mind, the laws of the living cosmos, and the value of each and every soul within it. Life has meaning! Celebrate this knowledge along with Ronnie Lee and pass it on.  



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