Pinterest Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors

Outskirts Press is now helping veteran authors like Ronnie Lee take advantage of Pinterest to promote their books smartly and stylishly.  Every month Outskirts Press will be adding a new Board on Pinterest to feature a prolific author, just like Ronnie Lee.

Pinterest describes itself as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love” and by March, 2012 Experian Hotwise declared the site to be the third largest social network in the U. S., right behind Facebook and Twitter. Now Outskirts Press authors can take advantage of this growing promotional channel to earn additional exposure for their books and their author platform.

In recognition of Ronnie Lee and the impressive number of books he has published (13 and growing),  Outskirts Press has created an exclusive Ronnie Lee Pinterest Board where he can display all his books and tell potential buyers a little about each of them and about himself.  Initial pins include full color book cover images and a color photo of the prolific author himself, making his author platform virtually “real” to the site’s millions of viewers. This, in turn, can help make Ronnie Lee even more well known as Pinterest users “pin” Lee’s books to their own Boards, spreading his work and words to their own followers.

Hong Kong born, Ronnie Lee started writing his unique freestyle prose philosophies in 2003 and he’s been publishing with Outskirts Press ever since.  With more than a dozen books in all (The Genesis of Science, Poetic Discovery and The Philosophy of the World are just three of his titles), Ronnie Lee is among the most prolific authors of his generation and has amassed an impressive, poetically sensitive body of work, crafted to search for the scientific truths and laws behind today’s world.

Each of my books is full of practical reasons for the world to gain hope, motivation and direction,” author Ronnie Lee states, “in order to succeed both on this planet and the ones we hope to encounter in the future.”

Ronnie has teamed up with Outskirts Press for almost a decade now and together they have achieved the formidable library of Lee’s works now on display on his Pinterest board. Pay him a virtual visit on Pinterest, follow him, and share pins of his books with friends or family who might benefit from his insights.

For more Self-Publishing Author Boards on Pinterest, follow Outskirts Press on Pinterest at and stay tuned next month to see our next Prolific Pinterest Author, exclusively from Outskirts Press.

Are you ready to start publishing your book and experiencing the success of your own Pinterest author platform?

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