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The Deer in the Woods and the Fish in the Pond: Life Should be Simple

by Totino Ramen

(5 Stars – 2 Customer Reviews)

Price: $11.95

Totino Ramen’s “The Deer in the Woods and the Fish in the Pond: Life Should be Simple” is a philosophical autobiography of a boy in a poor family but he family does not realize they are poor. This book reminisces about growing up with all the therapeutic activities that no longer exist for kids in today’s fast-paced, electronic world. Join Totino (cheap pizza) and the Ramen (cheap lunch) family through their daily lives as you learn the value of simple living.

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National Relaxation Day – Curl Up and Enjoy an Book Today, A Few Self-Publishing Suggestions

Did you know that National Relaxation Day was last Sunday, August 15th?  Still need a day to relax?  There’s no better way to unwind than with a good book from Outskirts Press. Consider spending the day with one of these escapes from everyday life.

Do you like to explore the past? The Dahlgren Papers by Gerald R. Hibbs will transport you back 150 years to the tangled web of the Civil War, and to a mysterious set of orders that could have changed the course of the war. Strategy, espionage, and conspiracy for lovers of historical fiction.

A day on the golf course can be relaxing for some – and frustrating for many. Enhance your game with My Little Green Book5 Secrets to Better Golf by Bill Nevin Jr. Three decades on the fairway have given Bill a wealth of tips and tricks for golfers at any level. Benefit from his experience and improve your game.

How about an excursion into imagination for you and your kids? O’Shaughnessy, a Boy and His Leprechaun by Jeremy McGuire takes you on a fairy-tale adventure. Bobby travels into magical realms with the leprechaun O’Shaughnessy – and learns some life lessons along the way.

Everyone loves a summer read – and Betty Byrd’s EVVY Award-winning novel Utopia Texas is a fantastic ride into family drama, money, power, and Texas oil. Follow Brya Harrison as she fights for her place in a world that’s larger than life, and finds heartbreak and redemption along the way.

Maybe you’d like to take some time to be at peace and look inward. Whispers of Joy – Messages from an Unseen World by Joy Andreasen shows you how to tune in to your mind and heart, with gentle examples from the author’s own experience of listening to her own wisdom, and a wisdom beyond herself.

Whatever your style of relaxation, Outskirts Press has the perfect book for you. Visit our bookstore at, and explore!