Self-Publishing Authors, Celebrate Read Across America Day

Today is Read Across America Day, and day when self-publishing authors have good reason to celebrateRead Across America Day.

Founded by the National Education Administration (NEA),Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place every year on or around March 2—Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Thousands of schools, libraries and community centers all over the country mark the occasion by with what else — books! By exposing millions of young readers to the joy and adventure of reading, the day builds new generations of avid readers and more educated and well-rounded adults.

Read Across America day is the ideal opportunity for self-published authors to raise literacy and awareness of their books. Consider celebrating the day in a few simple, but highly impactful ways:

  • Initiate an impromptu storytime at your local library. If you have a children’s book in your own repertoire, all the better!
  • Offer to lead a reading assembly at a local school. You can offer your insights about life as an author and read from your own book. Give the school a complimentary copy of your book for the library.
  • If you have a book ready for publication, why not make today the day you get going? That way, you can celebrate your new life as a published author every year — on National Read Across America Day!

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Read Across America Day: 5 Ways Self-Published Authors Can Celebrate

Read Across America Day is March 2. It’s a day when schools, colleges and community organizations across the country will be holding special events and programs to celebrate and encourage literacy — and you should be part of it!Stack of Books

Take advantage of the Read Across America Day celebration by sharing your book and your self-publishing story with children in your community. Outskirts Press encourages its authors to reach out on this special day, so we’re helping you do just that with suggestions on how to help your community recognize the occasion:

  • Connect. Contact other independent published authors in your area and combine resources to fully exploit the opportunities for exposure through Read Across America Day. You can pool these resources, your time, your name recognition and your marketing efforts just for the occasion.
  • Educate. Contact local schools and offer to read your book, or parts of it, to the children. If your book is not appropriate for young audiences, gear this activity to older students in high school or your local college — or even toward educators. This may be a good time to offer schools a “package deal” of authors with whom you’ve teamed up for personal appearances.
  • Publicize. Send out a press release now, informing local newspapers, radio and TV stations about Read Across America Day, offering yourself and your fellow authors as interview guests. Give them as many details as possible and suggest a small article or short interview about Read Across America Day events in the area, specifically the ones in which you’ll participate.
  • Discount. Take your book to local bookstores and offer it to them at a discount to get them started. Let them know about Read Across America Day, and tell them you’re celebrating with an introductory rate on your book. Offer to leave a free copy with them along with a sales sheet.
  • Seminar. Schedule a seminar for educators about Read Across America Day.

Remember, schools, colleges and community centers are always on the lookout for free activities to get their students and visitors interested in learning. School officials and community center administrators are likely to be eager to work with you to arrange a guest appearance, even on short notice. If you offer your help for free, your involvement in the community — and in learning — could pay you back tenfold.

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