This Week’s Amazon Featured Book of the Week is NURSES RETURN TO NSR by Loretta L Bonnick, RN

How to Navigate Successfully in a Stressful Work Environment


Are you a student with a career path in Healthcare? This is perfect for you and those professionals already working in the health care system, Nurses Return to NSR: How to Navigate Successfully in a Stressful Work Environment is about applying mental and physical skills at the same time in a high-demand environment. While working in this environment, it is easy to lose perspective and become reactive, encumbered by circumstances and burdened and saddened because of hostile coworkers or bad managers and the heavy demands of the job. As a spiritual practitioner, motivational teacher, counselor, and registered nurse for over twenty years in various health care systems throughout the United States, author Loretta L. Bonnick, RN, provides readers of Nurses Return to NSR a grounding element that guides individuals to finding pathways of solutions for personal survival amid the chaos and the grind of being a frontline professional.

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