Outskirts Press Now Offers Self-Publishing Authors a Guaranteed Book Review With Kirkus

Outskirts Press offers self-publishing authors another bright solution to their marketing challenges with its new option to have their book reviewed professionally by well-known and well-respected Kirkus Indie.

 June 7, 2011 – Denver, CO – Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, announced today the release of its new Kirkus Guaranteed Review service. With this effective new marketing option, an author can get his or her book into the hands of a reviewer who is passionate about writing reviews and who will provide one hundred percent honest feedback that can be used by an author as a promotional tool.

Founded in 1933, Kirkus has built up a longstanding reputation within the publishing industry as an unbiased and trusted reviewer of new books.  Kirkus’ Indie reviews now offer self-published authors the same candid and professional reviews as their traditional publishing house book reviews, and because of the prestige of a good Kirkus review, a new author can use it as a highly effective promotional tool.


“Because of the importance given to a Kirkus review by librarians, literary agents, booksellers, film producers and avid readers, the new Kirkus Guaranteed Review offered by Outskirts Press can be a powerful feather in the marketing cap of our authors,” said Outskirts Press Director of Author Support Kelly Schuknecht.  “It’s an excellent way for authors to quickly get people ‘buzzing’ about their books.”

With the Outskirts Press Kirkus Guaranteed Review, authors will have two copies of their book submitted to Kirkus for a standard service review.   Kirkus qualified reviewers include librarians, business executives, journalists from national publications, PhD’s in religion and literature, and creative executives in the entertainment and publishing industries.  A full review of two to three hundred words will be ready within ten to twelve weeks and authors can use the review as they see fit: on the back cover of their books, on their own sites, in letters to agents, publishers, librarians or book store owners, or in any of their other marketing collateral.

Kirkus reviews can be cantankerous or complimentary, but they are always known for their honesty.  Consequently, even one praiseworthy phrase from a Kirkus reviewer becomes potent advertising copy for a new author’s book.

For a limited time, Outskirts Press published authors can get 25% off the Kirkus Guaranteed Review option with the promotion code KIRKUS25.


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New Marketing Option for Self-Publishing Authors: Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review

Obtaining book reviews is an important part of your overall book promotion strategy. A positive review from an unbiased reader can often help boost the sales of a book. A book review can help a reader make a decision on one book over another. As important as these reviews are, many books receive either very few or no reviews. As a self-publishing author, how often have you submitted your book to a blogger or other reviewer only to receive no response in return? Or worse yet, have you dreaded even the thought of submitting your book to reviewers?

Kirkus Guaranteed Book ReviewWhat if you could submit your book for review and actually receive a response — and in a timely fashion? Now Diamond and Pearl Outskirts Press self-publishing authors can now take advantage of our Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review option. This service allows you to get an unbiased and (most importantly) guaranteed review of your book from the book industry’s renowned Kirkus book critics. You can be confident that the review you receive will be 100% honest and credible. Also, you know that your book will be reviewed and you won’t have to wait several months like with other reviewers (authors typically receive their review in about ten weeks).

The reviews are written by a professional Kirkus reviewer, typically consist of about 200-300 words, and will be 100% honest. That means that you could possibly receive a negative review. However, even negative reviews contain elements that can be extracted for marketing purposes and can even be used to improve upon your writing for your next book.

The best part is — since this is a new option authors can save 25% off the regular cost by using the promo code: KIRKUS25. That means you can pay less than $450 for an option that normally costs $599. This is a very limited time offer, so don’t wait – get your guaranteed book review today!

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Current Promotions for Self-Publishing Outskirts Press Authors

Summer is coming, and it’s a great time to start a pattern of selling more books. The best way for self-publishing authors to sell more books is to re-invest in their book. This means spending additional time and money on book promotion efforts — including scheduling book signings, arranging for book reviews, etc.

Outskirts Press published authors have many special discounts available to them this month to help boost their efforts. Here’s a bit of information about the discounts:

1.)   Free Shipping Promotion — Through the end of May all currently published authors can get their books with NO SHIPPING COST. Now is the perfect time to stock up on books for your upcoming summer promotional efforts. If you don’t yet have anything planned you may consider contacting a Personal Marketing Assistant to come up with a solid action plan for this summer.

This is a limited time promotion, so don’t wait to stock up on additional authors copies!

Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review2.)   25% off our NEW Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review option — This option allows you to get an unbiased and guaranteed review of your book from the book industry’s renown Kirkus book critics with the Kirkus Indie review service.

Requesting us to handle your Kirkus book submission normally costs $599. With the 25% savings (using promo code KIRKUS25), you will pay only $449.25. This savings is only available for authors who act during this limited time offer period. So don’t wait – act today to make sure you don’t miss out on this special summer savings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This service is only available to Outskirts Press published Diamond or Pearl publishing package authors.


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