Pinterest Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors: C D Swanson

Pinterest has allowed self-publishing authors to utilize the social media site in the marketing of their books, and readers to follow new books and old favorites from authors they love – as well as discover popular, new authors. Swanson is has published 13 non-fiction books with Outskirts Press, including her most recent, Jesus Eternal Friend & Savior and Faded Memories Anew.

Heartfelt ConnectionsSwanson, a resident of the East Coast, holds degrees in human services, psychology and health administration. Although her books largely focus on religion and Christian life (40 Days & 40 Nights of His Word and Heartfelt Connections), inspiration, family and relationships (Butterflies, Possum & Laughter), her books have run the range of categories from Christian fiction (The Chief’s Niece) to romance (A Heart of Courage & Faith).

Pinterest bills itself as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” For prolific authors like Swanson, the popular social media site represents a growing promotional channel to earn additional exposure for their books and their author platform. For Outskirts Press authors, the page includes book cover art and a summary of the story line, which provide a quick overview of each author’s literaryFaded Memories Anew contributions. Visitors to C D Swanson’s Pinterest page will learn about the author and view each of her books. Fans of the author’s work can pin items that interest them – in this case, specific books – to their own page for later purchase or sharing with friends, and follow Swanson to get notice when new books are released.

The books of C D Swanson can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at The books are available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble and are being aggressively promoted with a focus on religion, Christian life, spiritual, family and other categories. For more information about author C D Swanson and each of her books, visit her Pinterest page.

C D Swanson is a Christian writer with degrees in human services, psychology and health administration. In addition to her books, she has a devotional website, has contributed to various magazines, and her prose was selected to accompany a calendar to raise money for childhood cancer. She’s married to her childhood sweetheart, and they live with their “boy” on the East Coast.

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Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: C D Swanson

Outskirts Press works hard to help self-publishing authors make their dreams come true, and we’ve had had the good fortune to work with many talented and successful individuals over the years. For that reason, it’s important to give a nod to the authors who’ve, in turn, contributed to our success. Every now and then, we celebrate one of our successful authors in our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

This week Outskirts Press proudly features Christian writer C D Swanson. This prolific self-publishing author has penned more than a dozen books with Outskirts Press, including her most recent works, Jesus Eternal Friend & Savior, Faded Memories Anew and A Heart of Courage & Faith.

C D Swanson writes from the heart, as evidenced in every book she’s produced. Employed primarily as a director in the nursing home industry, she’s also always felt a passion for writing. It wasn’t until four years ago that she started an online writing devotional/ministry, that she discovered an additional calling. “To share the love of God, and His words, is the very pulse of my heartbeat, and it is to Him, that all honor and glory belong,” says Swanson. C D Swanson is happily married to her childhood sweetheart, and they have “one boy” named Max.

Jesus Eternal Friend & SaviorJesus Eternal Friend & Savior

Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords. He came looking for us, and we love Him because He loved us first. The only begotten Son of God, our salvation and our eternal friend.

Faded Memories AnewFaded Memories Anew

Immediately following his wife’s death, John, a CEO, makes a life-changing decision that sets him on a new journey. With a grief-stricken heart, he attempts to “live” again, while holding onto memories of his one true love. Relocating to another state to accept a new job, he slowly adjusts to life without his wife. He struggles with guilt when he begins to experience feelings for his co-worker Kiana, who has suffered an equally devastating loss. Together, they navigate through uncharted waters, each with their own story and “ghosts” to deal with. Their story builds slowly culminating into an explosive and powerful climax.

A Heart of Courage & FaithA Heart of Courage & Faith

Kim Larson survived a wretched childhood, her mother’s death, and being bullied in school. During a life-altering moment, she goes forward on a path of self-determination. Promising to make an impact upon graduation, she moves to a new state to implement her plan of choice. Many lives will be affected, and forever changed, when they come into contact with Kim, the girl who made it despite her prior circumstances.

Heartfelt ConnectionsHeartfelt Connections

This book is comprised of short stories, some are true, some are based on Biblical accounts, and still others a form of prose. The inspirational pull will be obvious from the first to last story. Each story is unique in its content,and yet share one common denominator, the love of God and His influence in our lives. This eclectic mixture of stories and prose, comprise an authentic and touching journey within its pages, leaving the reader wanting more.

Other books by C D Swanson: Dear God: With Love, Dear God: With Love II, Five Hearts, The Chief’s Niece, Changed from the Inside Out, 40 Days & 40 Nights of His Word, The Inner Office of Samantha Evans, Passages of Everyday Life: Through Faith and Butterflies, Possum & Laughter.

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