Your Most Valuable Selling Tool Could Be the Easiest

Everyone wants to know the secret to successful holiday selling. Is it an energetic social media blitz? High-impact advertising? Book-signing events during peak shopping hours?

All of these are smart promotional strategies and all of these have a common trait: They require readiness. The simple step of recognizing and acting upon a selling opportunity is the single most important step toward a season of selling. You can be ready for anything just be stocking up!

As an Outskirts Press self-published author, right now is your sweet spot for Christmas readiness. It’s the perfect time to order the author copies you’ll need for holiday promotions and sales, so you can be prepared for everything else. There are so many ways to make hardcopies work for you before, during and after Christmas day:

  1. Direct selling to other shoppers. Strike up a conversation and don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.
  2. Signing and selling at book events. Arrange book-signings for peak shopping hours; make sure you’re set up to accept cash, check and credit card payments.
  3. Sending to media contacts for radio, television and newspaper publicity. Order now and you’ll be in good shape for a pre-Black-Friday publicity push.
  4. Book giveaways to promote on social media. Ask friends and followers to like and share your posts for chances to win a signed copy. They’ll get excited, and the winner may generate positive word-of-mouth that stimulates future sales.
  5. Gifts to family, friends and influencers. A complimentary copy in the right hands could more than pay for itself. Get the good vibes — and the good buzz — going with strategic gifting.

Time will fly between now and the holidays, so order now to get ahead on your promotional push. Login to your Author Center to place your order for author copies. Remember to take advantage of bulk order discounts to get the most bang for your buck!