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The Discovery of the Secret Gospel of the Rich and Powerful:
The Gospel of Saint Avarice

by Gary Tutty

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Paperback $18.95

Have you ever wondered from just what gospel our political leaders, who proudly proclaim they are devout Christians, get their inspiration when they espouse hate and intolerance and seek revenge on anyone who disagrees with them? How about those self-proclaimed devoted Christian business leaders who work hard to increase profits by suppressing their workers’ wages and denying them benefits? What about those fiery evangelical preachers, who are complicit in the actions of these leaders by their avid support or even their silence? Wonder no longer! In this satirical novel, The Discovery of the Secret Gospel of the Rich and Powerful: the Gospel of Saint Avarice, you will meet Brett, a young man who is introduced to that very gospel by his billionaire father. You encounter the Jesus these leaders are emulating. He is a Jesus who teaches his apostles to mock others, to never admit guilt, and to create their own version of the truth. With our discovery of this new Jesus, known only to the most rich and powerful until now, we begin to realize that these leaders have been emulating Jesus all along and actually are doing God’s work after all.

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