Holiday Marketing Now? Yes, and Here’s Why

Yes, by “holidays” we mean those holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas … the winter giving. It may seem like overkill to have end-of-year marketing on your radar at this point but it’s actually the perfect time to set a few things in place so you’re ready and equipped to sell when the time comes.

Remember, not everyone waits until Christmas Eve to make a panicked run through the mall for “leftovers.” Once Halloween is in the rearview mirror, department stores will be pushing holiday sales and early-bird shoppers will already be looking for books to give to the readers in their lives! This is also the time when many high-profile magazines and trade publications have either filled their editorial and advertising space or are close to it. If you wait until Thanksgiving to think about book marketing, you may miss your best opportunities to get in front of some of your most promising readers.

To keep your book at the forefront in a timely fashion, Outskirts Press is offering our annual Holiday Marketing Bundle, including a spot in the coveted New York Times Book Review Holiday Co-Op Advertisement — an ad that could reach untold numbers of the Times’ 1 million-plus readers. (The bundle offers an impressive value but if you choose, you can also purchase the New York Times Book Review Holiday Co-Op Ad as a stand-alone service.)

This valuable Holiday Marketing Bundle includes a dedicated spot in our New York Times Book Review ad, along with several marketing services designed to help you boost holiday sales:

  • a feature spotlight on the Outskirts Press blog, Self-Publishing News
  • your own book trailer video
  • Annual Digital Hosting-Storage Fee waived for 2020
  • Amazon Listing Optimization for your selling page to capture potential sales
  • a custom graphic to use in your holiday marketing efforts
  • 5 hours with a Personal Marketing Assistant

Hurry — there are only 12 spots available for this special offer, and spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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