Sizzling Marketing Ideas for Cookbook Sales

Cookbooks stand apart in the world of publishing. They aren’t typical coffee table books, yet they rely heavily on visual appeal. They’re distinct from novels, biographies, and travelogues, despite containing elements of narrative, history, globetrotting, and personal context. Cookbooks encompass a multitude of elements, presenting a unique marketing challenge.

Since October is National Cookbook Month, Outskirts Press proudly presents these tips for cooking-up some massive cookbook sales:

It’s Fun to Share

Cookbooks are a gift to the world that offer a piece of your personal history & travels by sharing delicious recipes from your neighborhood and abroad; so a natural marketing tactic to attract potential buyers is through giveaways or promotions. Consider limited-time discounts on your cookbook or related products (like, for example, a gift basket including your cookbook, spices, and measuring cups all bundled together for an attractive price that is still profitable for you). These make great gifts as we come upon the gift-giving season.

Share free content related to your cookbook on your blog, website, and social media platforms. This content could include recipes not available in your cookbook (but perhaps in your next one as a sneak peek).

Table for Two

Partner with platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, TikTok, SnapChat, FaceBook or others to enhance your cookbook’s visibility. They all offer low-cost advertising options.

Presentation is Key

Consider recording a video or series of videos as you personally prepare your recipes on-camera. You don’t even have to show your face if you’re shy! It’s all about the food.

Through the use of efficient editing and a friendly voice-over, you can create a time-lapse video that visually demonstrates your recipe from start-to-finish that is under three minutes long. This is the optimal time for a recipe video as it allows you to use all the major video platforms today, including YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, among others.

Upload your video(s) to as many social media platforms as you can, using a well-crafted title that includes important keywords describing your recipe and its ingredients. If you consistently upload new recipes on a weekly basis, you’ll be amazed as the results.

Reservations for Ate… er, Eight

Partner with fellow cookbook authors to amplify your reach and share effective marketing tactics with each other. Tap into the influence of food bloggers, particularly on visually-driven platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Offer free copies of your cookbook to bloggers or influencers in exchange for interviews, video features, and collaborative content. Offer to reciprocate by featuring them on your platform. Create your own blog or influential channel on one (or more) of these popular social media platforms to help other collaborators, authors, and chefs find y ou.

If you’re uncertain about where to begin with marketing your cookbook (or any book, for that matter), consider seeking expert assistance. A Book Marketing Specialist could be your recipe for success.

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