Prime Amazon Marketing Advice from Outskirts Press

As the only #1-ranked and A+ rated self-publishing company*, Outskirts Press lists, distributes, and sells its books on Amazon through a variety of technical and highly-effective ways (read yesterday’s post to see how).

That means authors self-publishing with Outskirts Press have access to all the advantages and book marketing benefits Amazon offers, which can make all the difference once your book is published. Some of these benefits include:

  • Amazon KDP: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform empowers authors to create and sell e-Books. Outskirts Press authors publishing under the Ultimate Black and White and Ultimate Full-Color packages are automatically enrolled in KDP with eBook editions of the books that we publish for them.
  • Amazon Advantage:  Amazon Advantage is a suite of book-selling tools to help authors distribute books to Amazon’s other channels, such as the Kindle Store, Audible, and the Kindle Unlimited program. Outskirts Press authors publishing under the Ultimate Black and White and Ultimate Full-Color packages receive automatic distribution in the Kindle Store; optional AudioBook publication is available for distribution to Audible; and our eBook publishing process explains the pros and cons of joining Kindle Unlimited.
  • Amazon Author Central: Authors who publish their books through Outskirts Press can create an Amazon Author Central profile. This allows them to manage their book’s metadata, set up author alerts, and connect with readers. Outskirts Press marketing services can help their authors with this, too.

Outskirts Press also offers a variety of free and paid marketing services to help authors promote their books on Amazon. These services include:

  • Amazon Book Marketing: Outskirts Press offers a variety of Amazon book marketing services, such as Amazon email campaigns (Amazon’s Featured Book-of-the-Week, for example) and free guides with tips on getting Amazon book reviews and offering Amazon giveaways.
  • Amazon Author Page: Outskirts Press can create a professional Amazon Sales Page for authors who publish their books through the company.
  • Amazon Search Inside the Book: Outskirts Press can add the Amazon Search Inside the Book feature to authors’ books. This allows readers to preview the content of books before they buy them.
  • Amazon Launch Bundle: All the Outskirts Press marketing services rolled into one for the ultimate in convenience and effectiveness.

Of course, the best advice we can give you is that today is the last day to save during Amazon Prime days. If you want to experience the convenience and satisfaction of self-publishing and selling on Amazon, you can take advantage of an instant 20% discount during Amazon Prime Days. Simply enter the promotion code twtybkmark at checkout when you purchase the Ultimate Black and White or Ultimate Full-Color publishing package from Outskirts Press. With this offer, not only will you receive an instant 20% savings, but once your book is published, you’ll also get 500 free bookmarks to kick-start your Amazon book marketing efforts.

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* Outskirts Press is the only self-publishing company ranked #1 in self-publishing by Top Consumer Reviews and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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