Prime Amazon Self-Publishing from Outskirts Press

Outskirts Press is a full-service self-publishing company that partners with Ingram Wholesalers and its global partners to publish, list, and sell self-published books on Amazon and its worldwide retail websites.

When an author self-publishes their books with Outskirts Press, the books are automatically made available for sale on and its worldwide suite of book-selling retail websites, like in Canda and in the United Kingdom, among others.

How does Outskirts Press combine the zero-hassle power of print-on-demand with the maximum convenience of drop-shipping to deliver the easiest, fastest, and highest quality publishing services to its thousands of satisfied authors?

  • Providing metadata to Amazon for zero-hassle: In collaboration with Ingram and its partners, Outskirts Press provides Amazon with “metadata” for all of the books it publishes. Metadata is digital information that includes the book’s title, author, ISBN, BISAC, description, and cover image. This metadata helps Amazon (and other global retailers) index the book and make it discoverable by customers around the world.
  • Drop-shipping to Amazon for maximum convenience: When an author publishes their books with Outskirts Press, the books are “stored” digitally and securely under the ISBN with all their related metadata. When a customer orders a book from Amazon, the book is printed and bound to professional standards and shipped directly from the printer, rather than from the author or publisher. This saves time for everyone and the buyer receives the book as fast as possible without the author having to worry about inventory, packaging, or driving to a postal office.
  • Drop-shipping directly to the author and to readers: Authors publishing with Outskirts Press can enjoy the convenience of zero-inventory by having access to their own online book ordering process through their password-secured Author’s Center. They can order books in quantities of as low as 5-at-a-time for quick printing and shipping directly to them, or for direct delivery to anywhere. Readers purchasing from the Outskirts Press bookstore or from the author’s webpage receive the same delivery times as they would from Amazon (sometimes even faster), and the author worries about nothing.
  • Amazon marketing: Outskirts Press can provide a suite of book marketing advice and services geared toward maximizing Amazon sales.

Tomorrow’s posting will discuss more about Prime Amazon marketing.

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