5 Tips for Self-Publishing Efficiently

Self-publishing technology has come a long way since the early days of so-called “vanity press.” No longer does an indie author need to order and warehouse mounds of book copies in order to sell. The changing publishing landscape means not only can you sell without massive and expensive storage, but you can do so in a variety of formats … and, yes, in a much shorter publishing timeframe than in the past.

So, with spring on the horizon, Outskirts Press offers five ways to be well on the way by summer’s end.

  1. Get help crossing the finish line. Sometimes a skilled — and unbiased — ghostwriter can assess and finesse a nearly complete manuscript more quickly than the author can. A fresh set of eyes is a surefire way to expedite the final stages of writing.
  2. Knock out the final read-through. Many independent authors rely on friends and family to beta-read their manuscript before publication. However, this approach can cost valuable time as non-professional readers miss unofficial “deadlines.” It is a good investment to hire a professional copyeditor, who will be working on a firm deadline and will have a much greater eye for grammar, punctuation and flow.
  3. Never underestimate the frustration of formatting. Book formatting is much more complex than adding indentations and selecting fonts. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried to master alternate page numbering! Save hours — even days or weeks — of frustration by handing over this taxing task to a formatter who can turn the raw manuscript into a professional looking book in a fraction of the time.
  4. Don’t “blow your cover.” A book cover design is an investment that can pay off like no other. In an age when readers are spending mere seconds deciding if a book is worthy of a second look, the cover is the most powerful marketing tool an author can have.
  5. Get ready to bundle. When time is of the essence, authors can move forward more quickly by taking advantage of publishing packages that include everything they will need to complete the publishing process, instead of selecting a la carte options as they go. This approach saves time and money, and gets authors selling sooner.

For more information about how to get your manuscript moving forward this year, call Outskirts Press at 1-888-OP-BOOKS, chat with us via the online chat on our website, or make an appointment with a Publishing Consultant.

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