It’s a Good Time to Go Indie – and Get $300 Off Self-Publishing

Opportunities for self-expression are abundant these days, as are consumers hungry for those exciting, creative works. Not only are modern writers savvier about the market but so are readers … and smart consumers are a talented author’s best asset.

It may be a terrific time to be a published author but it’s an even better time to be a self-published author. When you self-publish, you open more doors than you may have been aware of. Here are four reasons why self-publishing is a smarter route for talented writers.

1. Self-published books are dominating the market.

By some estimates, self-published books already account for close to half the publishing market share, and the skyrocketing popularity seems unstoppable. As readers and reviewers catch on to the increasing quality of independently published books, the future looks even brighter.

2. There is an audience for your book that traditional publishers may ignore.

Traditional publishers only gamble on sure bets. In other words, they’re interested in proven formulas that sell. Well, guess what? Those books have already been written – many, many times! As your own publisher, you can take a chance on a truly unique story.

3. You reap more financial rewards.

While authors who publish via the traditional route are paid about one-fourth of the proceeds from the sale of their books, self-publishing authors fare much better. Once the publishing and printing costs are out of the way, it’s all profit. At Outskirts Press, authors keep 100% of their royalties.

4. Self-published authors are in control.

When you self-publish, you’re never at the mercy of an editor. The creative direction is in your hands, along with the pricing, the marketing approach and every other important decision regarding your book. The integrity of your work is never compromised.

Fortunately, right now is an ideal time to self-publish in time for summer, when book-buyers are stocking up on vacation reading material. This May, get the summer started off right with $300 off an Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package from Outskirts Press!

To claim your $300 discount, simply place the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package into your shopping cart and enter promo code Save300. The discount will be automatically applied to the purchase.

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