Be Prepared to Market Your Book with TRIPLE Author Copies for FREE!

Often, the biggest part of successful book marketing for a self-publishing author is simply being ready when opportunities to promote and sell arise. From having your book “elevator pitch” polished to learning to toot your own horn, this readiness will be your most powerful asset when the time comes to sell that book you’ve worked so hard to finish.

One of the best ways to prepare for selling is simply keeping your book with you as often as possible, just in case. Having paperback copies on hand puts you in an excellent position to nimbly respond to spontaneous opportunities. You’ll make positive impressions, important connections and plenty of unanticipated sales! By keeping copies of your book close-by you’ll be ready to make the most of:

  1. book-signing events
  2. radio, television and newspaper publicity outreach
  3. book award and review submissions
  4. book giveaways to promote on social media
  5. gifts to family, friends and influencers

Outskirts Press is helping self-publishing authors prepare for success in April. When you purchase the Ultimate Publishing or Full-Color Publishing package this month, we’ll triple the free author copies you receive with your package. For those purchasing the Ultimate package, that means 30 book copies instead of 10; Full-Color Publishing buyers will receive 15 copies instead of 5.

To triple your author copies, just place the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package in your shopping cart and enter the promo code Triplecopies at checkout. It’s the easiest marketing move you could make!

Call an Outskirts Press Publishing Consultant at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS), or chat with us using the live chat option on our website for information about which publishing option is perfect for you.

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