How to Market Your Health & Fitness Book

Have you published a work of non-fiction lately that dealt with health, wellness, fitness, or a lifestyle regimen designed to reshape the body? If you have, you’ll already know how difficult it can be to find and build the perfect marketing strategy to sell your book. The good news is, there are ways and means of doing so, and we’re here to share a few of them with you today! So settle in, warm up your mental muscles, and get ready for our top three tips for marketing your wonderful book!

Tip One: Boost your social media presence!
It’s the future, right? And the future is here, and it demands a fully-fleshed-out social media presence to launch both your personal brand and your book, regardless of its theme or content. Sound basic? It sure is! But there are plenty of ways to leverage your social media preference to the specific end of selling your health or fitness-related book. Consider where your book’s audience lives and works out, and where your readers are most likely to discover new health-related content. Do they use Twitter? Perhaps, but they’re less likely to use twitter than Instagram, where all of those delicious-looking smoothie pictures live, or Pinterest, where those delicious-looking smoothie recipes live. The same goes for pictures of you or your workout buddies, health compatriots, and fellow-travelers; those social media platforms which are image-driven are the most effective tools out there for selling future readers not only on your book but on the lifestyle it represents. Write down a quick schedule (smoothie pictures on Mondays, workout pictures on Wednesdays, game day pictures on Fridays, or whatever works best for you!) and stick to it.

Tip Two: Build your team.
Look, big publishing houses don’t have a patent on teamwork, and as an author concerned with health and wellness, you have just as much of the team-building mindset as anyone! Find a way to engage your customers, past and present and future, in spreading the word about your book by taking your lead from teams in the athletic and health communities … teams like the brand ambassadors for Nike and Adidas, for example: can you get your friends to wear book-branded tee shirts around town? And what about local business owners? If you can get your book into the local gym or health food store, and bring the staff on board as brand ambassadors for your book, that’s a fantastic start! And don’t forget about teams like the loose collections of people who participate in those “like and share” incentives on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere. Word of mouth works in both digital and offline spheres!

Tip Three: Integrate, integrate, integrate.
No matter what specific steps you take to market your book, you should make sure they appear to your future readers as smaller parts of a larger, unified whole. Integrated marketing is centered upon crafting unified and seamless content across all of your platforms for communication, including any social media profiles, emails, blog posts, flyers, handouts, and other marketing materials you generate. Your public relations work and your marketing, your sales promotions and giveaways, advertising and store placement, as well as your social media presence, should all work together to build one aesthetic, and communicate one message. That message is your book!

Put these three tips together, and you’ll have a marketing plan with a firm foundation that simply can’t be beat, on the field or off the beaten track! But if you’re still not sure where to start, it may be time to lean on an expert. If you’re looking to market your health and wellness book, there’s never a better time than now to inquire.

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