5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Self-Publishing Creative Services

Whether you’re a new author, a seasoned pro or just thinking about self-publishing, there’s always a lot to consider along your publishing journey.

Many authors find themselves overwhelmed with all the “little finishing touches” that add up to a huge workload just to get their book in tip-top shape for publication: creating a beautiful cover; crafting cover copy that’s both SEO-friendly and compelling to prospective buyers; polishing the manuscript until it’s flawless; formatting for a beautiful paperback and hardcover book, as well as for a fully functional ebook … You’ll need to be a Jack/Jill-of-all-trades with a lot of time on your hands to cover all that creative territory!

Understandably – and wisely, we might add – many authors hire professional creatives with specialized skills to take these tasks off their hands. Here are five smart ways to get the most out of these creatives services and save money in the process.

  1. Look for money-saving bundles. No one wants to get nickeled and dimed when they self-publish. Our publishing packages are assembled to help you get everything you need to publish and market your book at a discounted package price. From comprehensive One-Click Suites tailored to specific book genres to publishing packages such as the Ultimate and Full-Color, bundles save you time and money, and spare you the stress of cherry-picking services.
  2. Think outside the bundle. There’s no need to accept an all-or-nothing approach. Not only does Outskirts Press package the essentials into convenient publishing suites, but we have scores of optional custom creative services you can select or add to your publishing package, including Custom Cover Design, Custom Illustrations, Professional Copy Editing and Enhanced Interior Formatting. In fact, we offer more creative options than any other self-publishing company.
  3. Personalize, customize, revitalize. Never feel you must purchase more than what you need. Although Outskirts Press publishing packages are exceptionally well crafted, you’re always free to build your own menu of services to get something that’s fully customized to your needs. It costs nothing to chat with an Outskirts Press Publishing Consultant at 1-888-672-6657 or via our live online chat option; a consultant can help you choose the perfect products.
  4. Rely on specialized expertise. Once you’ve chosen your package and/or creative options, know that you can relax and hand off the heavy lifting to graphic designers, professional formatters, marketing copywriters, seasoned copy editors and other talented creative service providers with experience in the publishing industry.
  5. Never be afraid to ask for help. It’s our desire to always tell you “yes.” We realize every author’s work is unique and every situation is different — so if anything is ever “close but not quite,” let us know and we’ll make it perfect for you. Outskirts Press will always work with you one-on-one to ensure you have the services you need and that those services are delivered to you in a manner that works best for you.

At Outskirts Press, we want to help bring your unique vision to life. Your book is a one-of-a-kind work, so we’ve designed a full range of products from which you can pick and choose to get service that’s as unique as your book! Learn more about which ones are right for you by speaking with an Outskirts Press Publishing Consultant at 1-888-672-6657 or via the live online chat option on our website.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Self-Publishing Creative Services

  1. Dear Outskirts Publishing:

    For several years, I dealt with a number of publishing companies and finally finished a book that has been in process for years, because it is a true story of my father’s family –an event that happened after they had arrived in the U.S from Norway.

    In the end, my illustrator daughter pushed me to get it done and we used Xpress Publishing to print our book (paper cover) and they did a great job.

    This was finished about three years ago and we have enjoyed giving it to friends, sold some along the way, and recently my brother took five copies to Norway to give to relatives there.

    However just recently I received a call from a publisher I had contacted years ago (I’m thinking it was you because I have many recent e-mails from you) saying they could get my book on Amazon. At the time I was not interested and wondered how they could even have known about my book. However, I am now wondering if it would be possible to do this. If so, please contact me at judyfmerwald@gmail.com.

    Thank you,

    Judy Merwald

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