Outskirts Press celebrates a new website, new packages, and its EVVY Award Finalists!

There’s never a dull moment here at Outskirts Press, and over the coming weeks we will be rolling out a number of changes, additions, and announcements designed to ensure you have the best possible August — not to mention the best possible self-publishing experience!

One of the first and most dramatic changes that new clients will notice is our updated website (www.OutskirtsPress.com). We have watched excitedly as new web design capabilities have been developed in order to meet the changing needs of self-publishing authors, and now we’re equally excited to reflect the best of those capabilities in our own website. It’s clean, it’s responsive, and it’s beautiful in both desktop and mobile browsers — so you can find all of the information and services you need with ease, whether you’re on your computer at home or scrolling through our website on your tablet or smartphone. Our rebranding features: drop-down menus, high-resolution images, and deep integration with all of our marketing and publicity platforms, including newsletters and social media accounts. Our newsletters, too, will be changing: we want to offer better and more relevant writing and publication tips to help you move forward. These changes are live as of August 1st, so check back regularly to explore all of those new digital nooks and crannies!

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We hope you enjoy using the new interface as much as we enjoy bringing you the best in self-publishing options — and on that note, we have some additional good news for the month of August: a whole host of new publishing packages crafted to meet your needs as an author.

This week we are inviting our non-fiction writers to experience our One-Click Non-Fiction suite for an introductory offer of $500 off the original price. We will be introducing new packages and promotions in the weeks to come, but for now we simply want to whet your appetite and let you know there are some fantastic publishing opportunities right now AND coming down the pipeline in the near future.

Speaking of opportunities, sixteen Outskirts Press authors have massive marketing opportunities now that they’ve been recognized as EVVY Award Finalists.

Snow Men, by Andrew Ceroni, was last year’s Best Book of the Year

That’s right! We want to announce just how proud we are to have sixteen — sixteen — EVVY Award finalists amongst our ranks. Every year, Outskirts Press officially nominates a small number of books published within the past year for submission to the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards. Since a nomination is the first step toward receiving the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award, the standards (and the stakes) are exceptionally high. As with many other awards, EVVY Award finalists receive a huge boost to their marketing campaigns as they receive recognition throughout the publishing community.

Generally speaking, we nominate only the very best of our publications as determined by our executives and members of our production teams. This year, the CIPA EVVY Award judges have recognized the consistently high quality of work produced by our authors and will honor each of our finalists with a 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, or Merit Award within each applicable category at the annual EVVY Awards show on August 20th in Denver, Colorado. Outskirts Press executives will be on hand to accept the awards on behalf of authors not able to appear in person. Click here to see the 16 EVVY Award Finalist books.

Each year, the CIPA judges have to make tough choices in order to narrow the list of nominees down to a shorter list of finalists, and we’re honored both by their recognition and by the choice each author has made by publishing through us at Outskirts Press.

Our nominees all have one thing in common, they all had their books professionally edited and they used a custom designed cover. For authors that are in the midst of writing their books, we cannot stress enough just how important these two items are. This is one reason why all of our One-Click packages include both professional editing and professional custom cover design. We recognize the importance of these items and we want to give our authors the best book possible.

Contact us at www.OutskirtsPress.com for more information about self-publishing — as well as to learn more about our One-Click for Non-Fiction package introductory offer of $500 off this week. Click the button below to learn how you can get the special promotion code for this amazing introductory offer.

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