Top 10 Books to Commemorate Veterans Day

Veterans Day in the United States is a day on which we gratefully thank American veterans for their service to their country. Celebrated on Nov. 11 each year, the date marks the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month — the date in 1918 on which Germany, the United States and her allies signed the historic Armistice that signaled a turning point in World War I.

Today, we mark this solemn occasion with a selection of significant works from self-publishing authors. Take a journey along with authors who sacrificed to fight that Great War, as well as others who served in wars to follow. Learn about what these brave warriors sacrifice for their great nation. Or immerse yourself in works of fiction that paint a vivid portrait of life on the battlefield. Either way, there’s something for every patriotic American in these Top 10 Books to commemorate Veterans Day.

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  1. A self-published book entitled “Georgie! My Georgie! celebrates the life of a World War One Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, posthumously, George Dilboy. He was honored by four US Presidents, the latest being president William Clinton, in 1999. General John “Blackjack” Pershing called him one of the ten greatest heroes in the Great War. See publisher

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