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Now’s your chance to give us your vote for which book you would like to see receive the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award for 2014 and the $1,500 Grand Prize that goes along with it. Voting is open to everyone. The poll ends at midnight (Mountain Standard Time) on Sunday, September 6th.

The 2014 Best Book of the Year Finalists Are:

#1 – Speechless by E.J. Brown

E.J. Brown has been fighting to recover her sons from autism for the past decade. For the last seven years she has been the teacher to one handsome, insightful, bright student: her son, Clary. Every day means fighting the good fight to full recovery. She lives in coastal South Carolina with her handsome trophy husband, George, and three brilliant boys that teach her more every day than she ever learned in a book or a classroom.


We are here to teach the world what happens when love is enough…

Speechless is the story of a family that was forced to take the long journey of heartache and despair into the dark, confusing world of autism and found their way out the other side to recovery. Three brothers each were diagnosed with a different form of ASD and their parents faced an unwavering fight to bring them back. The battle was against a disorder that is considered incurable, and children who are thought to be unreachable. This theory was turned on its ear with a new perspective, hope, love and determination. We refer to the full recovery of two, the third a miracle in progress. This one family’s story will change everything you think you know about autism and the things you consider to be important in life. This was a family that loved one another and exercised blind faith in each other, despite the obstacles placed before them. They accepted the disorder with the caveat that they would continue to fight and would never accept that this had to be a lifelong disability. They fought with everything they had and proved that sometimes amazing things happen if you put aside what your head tells you is logical and, instead, follow your heart. Three boys showed everyone that hope can lead to miracles if we choose to believe. What seems impossible is very often possible. It is only when we believe that we can change despair into hope and enjoy the happy ending we all expect and deserve.

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#2 – Snow Men by Andrew Ceroni

Andrew Ceroni served a distinguished career as a special agent conducting global counterespionage and antiterrorism operations. He is a graduate of numerous federal intelligence and criminal law enforcement training forums. He received his B.S. degree from the US Air Force Academy; M.A. from Case Western University; and studied several foreign languages at the University of Maryland. An author of several short stories and two novels, his poetry has also been published in several magazines. He lives in Colorado with his family.


Dave McClure is on a plane to Alaska in early winter, having quit his job with the FBI and turned his back on the world. It’s been a year since the horrific accident that claimed his wife and son, and McClure is still unable to move beyond his grief. Remembering the joy he once shared with his wife on vacation in Alaska, he heads north… seeking solace and resolving to either put his painful past behind him or succumb to the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness. Instead, McClure finds a grisly scene in the forest—the body of a hunter whose throat has been cut ear to ear. And that’s only the beginning. In Snow Men—equal parts international thriller and wilderness survival—McClure uncovers a cache of nuclear weapons and a Russian-Iranian plot to wipe the nation of Israel off the map. With only a hunting rifle, a pistol, and a few days worth of supplies, Dave McClure not only faces Russian Special Forces and the harsh reality of nature, but discovers a will to live he didn’t know he still had. Spanning locales in Alaska, Paris, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Thailand, and Washington, DC, Snow Men is a stunning thriller set against the pristine beauty of Alaska’s rugged Wrangell-St. Elias wilderness.

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#3 – Dust to Dust by John Hudson

John Hudson is a career banker with over 30 years of financial institution executive marketing experience. He also performs regularly as keyboardist and soloist with his Dixieland band Dixie Rhythm and is house soloist with the Clarke County Community Band and Yesterday Swing Orchestra. He is the author of two books commemorating his employer and his hometown; Dust to Dust is his first novel. John is married with two sons and a daughter-in-law and lives in Virginia.


The year is 1826 and Thomas Jefferson has just died. His beloved Monticello bustles with activity as funeral plans are swiftly organized for his burial in the family cemetery. Fast forward to 2026. A group of researchers specializing in regeneration technology have found success after years of work and significant investment. Dr. Pat Alexander, head researcher at BioGen, announces to the assembled group of board members/investors that the regeneration of a circus chimpanzee, which died in a runaway circus wagon accident in 1926, has met with success: The animal is alive and well. Discussion turns to the final step in the researchers’ plan—to bring back a human being—and after careful elimination, the candidates are whittled down to one name: Thomas Jefferson. So begins this powerful debut novel—a book that examines human ambition gone wrong and chronicles the miraculous “rebirth” of the nation’s third president, his struggles to assimilate, and the world’s collective amazement at the science behind this feat. The American government swiftly becomes part of the oversight of the technology, and the 48th president personally introduces Jefferson to the 21st century. But with a lethal flaw in the researchers’ technology, the world’s unbridled excitement quickly erodes, leading to a destructive conclusion for all involved. Fortunes evaporate, beliefs are challenged, careers are ruined, and lives are lost in Dust to Dust.

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Now it’s time to vote for the winner of the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award for 2014.

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