Self-Publishing Author Blake Moore’s Wild Ride to and Through NFL Featured in The Chattanoogan

When Blake Moore moved up into the ranks of the NFL, no one saw it coming. Not even Blake.

His journey from skinny second-stringer to pro player is riveting read for any football fan, and any reader who enjoys a rags-to-riches story of true grit and determination. Blake’s autobiography, Through the Pigskin Prism: An Unlikely Journey to and Through the NFL, offers readers a personal and personable tale of how a kid from Tennessee came to realize dreams he didn’t even know he had! His singular experiences, and the self-published book he wrote about them, caught the attention of The Chattanoogan news site, which featured his story in the April 9 online edition.

Blake MooreWhen Blake Moore, Jr. was a center on some outstanding Baylor School football teams under E.B. “Red” Etter in the mid-1970s, he had a tall physical frame, but had not filled out in terms of weight. And while a solid contributor and standout, he also did not have quite as large a collection of press clippings as some of his teammates like backs Robert Hays and Jeff Aiken and all-state fellow offensive lineman Clay Crumbliss.

However, Mr. Moore soon filled out not only in muscle and size as he moved on to play football at a Division III school, the College of Wooster, but his list of personal accomplishments also grew. In fact, he became a small college star and played six years in the National Football League, using the brains and discipline that helped him become the class salutatorian at Baylor to maximize his physical potential.

And he did not stop there, later joining another hard-to-enter club – Harvard Law School – as a student before enjoying more than two decades of work as lawyer and later as an investment manager.

“People would say, ‘That’s a really interesting story. You ought to write a book,’ ” he said. “So a few years ago I decided to sit down and write one.”

Read on to learn more about Blake and his book in this week’s Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

Blake Moore grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and like thousands of other kids in America, played football from an early age. He excelled in high school and then at a small college in Ohio, the College of Wooster. Undrafted, he defied the odds and played for six seasons in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Green Bay Packers. Moore went on to earn his law degree at Harvard, and has since enjoyed a successful 20-year career as an executive in the investment management business. He and his wife of more than three decades have two grown children and a granddaughter.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the CTE Center at Boston University, to help support brain trauma research.

Through a Pigskin Prism: An Unlikely Journey to and Through the NFLThrough a Pigskin Prism
He never should have made it into the NFL …

Growing up, Blake Moore never really dreamed of playing professional football. Sure, he watched the NFL stars on TV on Sundays and pretended to be one of them in pickup games with his friends. And of course he had a Minnesota Vikings Purple People Eaters poster in his room — didn’t everyone? Blake thought of himself as just an ordinary kid with no special athletic skills or size or speed. But to play in the NFL one day? Monday Night Football? The Super Bowl? In front of tens of thousands of fans and a TV audience of millions?

Through a Pigskin Prism is the story of how a professional football career became a reality — however unplanned and unexpected. This memoir gives the reader an inside look at one player’s unusual path to the NFL, and his experiences playing in the NFL for six seasons — a life viewed through the unique prism of football. Blake Moore is living proof that dreams do come true — even when you aren’t sure it ever was your dream!

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Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 208 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 11, 2014)
ISBN10: 1478736135
ISBN13: 9781478736134

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