31 Ways for Would-Be Authors to Self-Promote During Small Press Month

Every year during the month of March, Outskirts Press joins indie companies all across the United States in celebrating independent publishers and the talented self-publishing authors we serve. As an aspiring self-publishing author, you’re a pioneer at the cusp of a new era in literature. In fact, nowhere will you find a more eclectic, determined, creative and talented population of artists than those who write at their own will.

So, claim your rightful recognition! This month of celebration is your opportunity to promote yourself and your upcoming book with 31 effective marketing and promotion tactics. Throughout the month of March, take a moment each day to make an important step toward successfully marketing yourself as a writer. Here, we offer one simple tip for each day of the month that will help you advance-promote your future book:

March 1 – Start up. If you haven’t already, get that manuscript finished. Small Press Month is the perfect time to take the plunge or finish what you started. With just 1,700 or so words per day, you could conceivably have a novel finished by April Fool’s Day!

March 2 – Bone up. Become the local authority on Small Press Month. Do a little research about the history of independent publishing, your publisher (Outskirts Press) and what Small Press Month is all about, then offer yourself as a resource to local media. This will help you build your platform as a local writer and self-publishing author.

March 3 – Pay it forward. Treat yourself now to a few Outskirts Press self-publishing gift cards that you can spend when you’re ready to publish. Buy one or two per month, and by the time you’re ready to publish, you’ll be able to painlessly purchase everything you need to self-publish and promote a high-quality book.

March 4 – Connect. Meet with other independent published and prospective authors in your area, either in person with a local writers’ guild or online via social media. Not only can these comrades offer you advice to strengthen your skills, but you can also pool resources with them and learn more about promoting before, during and after publishing. For example, Outskirts Press already has a growing community of active and passionate fans/followers on Facebook and Twitter, with whom you can connect at any time. There’s a lot to do, and many minds are a better than one.

March 5 – Alert the media. Send a press release to the local media (newspapers, radio, television) mentioning Small Press Month, your knowledge of the industry, your connection to the community and your upcoming independently published book. Your press release should explain what Small Press Month is, why it’s important, what local organizations are doing to celebrate, and how the media can contact you for additional information. Supplement the press release with information about the release date of your own book, if applicable.

Want more tips? Visit our blog to read the full post or follow us on Facebook to get a tip each day throughout the month.


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Throughout her life, Luvicia has used poetry as a means to cope with family dysfunction, heartbreaks, reunions, and many more unpleasant life situations. Her writing is true and honest, which allows her to become a better writer by character, not by luck. Luvicia is happily married to her husband and soul mate! They reside in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Writing, for Luvicia, has been a tremendous joy throughout the years. Poetry has helped in times of fear, sadness, loss, excitement, and happiness. The author LOVES to express who she is through her work, and hopes that readers will enjoy the poems in this book.

– Luvicia Maxey, author of A Pocket Full of Poems

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