“Show Me Your Love” Winner, Jokima Hiller Wins a Free Laptop!

The videos were fantastic. The voting was tight. The love was spread. When all was said and done, Jokima Hiller, co-author (Jill Woods) of The RevPar Formula, was named our big winner of the “Show Me Your Love” contest. Jokima’s video was well-done and it’s obvious that her book is loved. Here’s the winning video:

VIDEO WINNER: Jokima Hiller, co-author of The RevPar Formula

Jokima wins a brand new, HP 2000-2d80nr 15.6-inch laptop complete with Windows 8.1 for being the finalist receiving the most public votes for her video in the 4th Annual Outskirts Press “Show Me Your Love” promotion. Congratulations, Jokima!

Jokima L. Hiller is an instructor for the Hospitality & Restaurant Administration Department at Missouri State University. Co-author, Jill Woods, is the Task Force Manager for First Hospitality Group and serves as an advisory board member for an Indianapolis, Indiana college. You may also visit their webpage at http://outskirtspress.com/revparformula/.

This guide is for every overworked and frustrated manager, shift supervisor, and star employee who’s ever worked in the hospitality industry and wondered “What the hell did I get myself into?”

Book Excerpt: “In an industry where you work with people every day, challenging circumstances are bound to happen…a desk clerk calls off or a sales manager gets discouraged. But, by focusing on our formula you will be empowered to optimize these circumstances thereby lessening time wasted, yielding stronger, more engaged employees who will take care of the guest. It is this employee and guest interaction that will lead to sustainable profits.”

Poll Results

VIDEO #1: Jokima Hiller, “The RevPar Formula” 38.22%
VIDEO #4: Lizzie Bowen, Future self-publishing author     33.00%
VIDEO #2: Martha Gabour Manuel, “Murder On False River” and “Political Treason”  28.62%
VIDEO #3: Eunice Welch, “Victorious Living Growing In Christ”     .17%

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