4 Smart Ways to Make the Most of “Mad Money” When You Self-Publish in February

Have you figured out how to spend your “Mad Money” yet?

The exciting self-publishing promotion, “Mad Money” gives back $300 to authors who begin publishing a book with either the Diamond or Pearl book publishing services from Outskirts Press in February. (Authors who purchase the Diamond or full-color Pearl book publishing packages in February with the promotion code: MADMONEYFEB15 are rewarded with a credit of $300, applied to their Outskirts Press shopping cart accounts, to spend any way they wish.) But Outskirts Press offers so many valuable publishing, customizing and marketing services, how does one choose ones that provide the most bang for the buck?

Don’t worry, they all do! However, if you find yourself overwhelmed with the choices, we’ve narrowed down the list to four book publishing, customization and marketing services that will have the greatest impact on the quality of your book and your ability to sell it today:

  1. Professional Copy Editing. Of all the services Outskirts Press provides, professional copy editing represents one of the most impactful investments you can make in your book. An experience copy editor can take any book from good to amazing — well worth every penny.
  2. Custom Cover Design. What’s an amazing book if no one notices it? Many publishing pros consider the cover even more important to selling than the content, and it’s an extremely cost-effective option. Capture readers’ attention and have them craving more with an eye-catching custom cover.
  3. eBook Publishing. As you move through the self-publishing process don’t forget the millions of bookworms who instantly download books to their eReaders. It’s a growing segment of the book-buying market, and one that could have a huge impact on your success as an author.
  4. PR Publicist Campaign. Get the news out about your book where it counts — in newsrooms! A professional press release and distribution disseminates the essential information about your book to thousands of editors and news programmers across the nation. With this service, important decision-makers will know precisely what makes your book special, how it’s distributed, where to order and how to contact you for interviews.

Now is the time to self-publish that book you’ve been working on, and also get some additional options for free. Authors can use their ‘Mad Money’ toward the production or marketing options of their choice, and an additional $300 to spend on self-publishing services results in a higher-quality, more marketable book.”

For more information about Mad Money Month, click here to receive $300 in publishing money.

Mad Money

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