Press Releases: Not Just for Book Releases

When your new book hits the bookstore shelves, you crow about it — it’s a no-brainer. Newly published authors generally pull out all the stops: They post on social media, they alert friends and family, they celebrate with a launch party and, of course, they announce their new book with a professional press release. But what many self-publishing authors don’t realize i

s that the need for press doesn’t end when the ink is dry on your book announcement press release.

Unfortunately, self-published authors all too often overlook valuable opportunities to bring new awareness to a not-so-new book. In your journey as an independent author, you’ll experience many important benchmarks that newspaper, TV, radio and other news outlets may be interested in knowing. Each of these benchmarks is an opportunity for you to once again highlight what’s so special about your book and get yourself and your book new moments in the spotlight. And each time you take advantage of these opportunities could bring a welcome spike in page views and book sales.

Not sure when the time is right for a new press release? Here are some examples of events that are ideal for capturing new press attention for your book:

  • Positive reviews. Are you getting raves on, NOOK or another bookseller’s site? Use a press release to make the media aware that your book is getting attention elsewhere. This could renew interest in booking interviews with the author.Press Releases
  • Reviews in prominent publications. If you’re lucky enough to get a nod from the New York Times or a similar prominent publication, that’s press release worthy.
  • Sales benchmarks. Did your book sales just pass the 10,000-unit mark? It’s a sure bet that your local newspaper, TV and radio affiliates will perk up their ears.
  • Special offers. Don’t just drop prices and hope readers stumble upon it. Send out a press release and proactively get the word out.
  • Your new website. Consider your new book and your new author platform separate issues/entities. Once your website or author page is up and running, send out a new release or update your original with your website link to make it easier for editors to find you and follow up.
  • New or enhanced versions. If you’ve updated your cover or contents, or you’ve added special eBook extra features after your original release, send out a new one. It’ll be worth it.

 Have you hit an important milestone in your self-publishing journey? Outskirts Press will help you get the word out nationwide with a targeted, professionally produced press release.

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