“Holiday Spirit” Winner, Jordyn Johnson Wins an Outskirts Press Gift Certificate!

Jordyn Johnson, author of My Answered Prayer, was named our big winner of the “Holiday Spirit” video contest. Jordyn’s video was charming and it’s obvious that her book is loved. Here’s the winning video:

Outskirts Press Gift Certificate

Jordyn wins a $99 Gift Certificate from Outskirts Press for being the finalist receiving the most public votes for her video in the Outskirts Press “Holiday Spirit” promotion. Congratulations, Jordyn!

Jordyn Johnson grew up in Northwest Ohio where she lived until 2007 when she moved to Northeast Alabama. She attended a small Christian school and attained an Associates Degree of the Arts from Northeast Alabama Community College in 2010. She married Slate Johnson in December 2010 and they welcomed their beautiful baby girl in Sept 2011. Her first book, “My Answered Prayer” was released in July 2013 and is an autobiography.

When you’re sixteen, the last thing you want to hear your parents say is, “We’re moving!” Not just moving, this was from Ohio to Alabama; my world was turned upside down. In a desperate attempt to stay, I begged the Lord to change His mind, but if He wouldn’t, I asked Him to please tell me why. That night, He sent me a dream – a dream that changed my life. I met my future husband and kids, found that my career was exactly what I wanted… this was the life and the man I’d always dreamed of. I fell in love with Slate, and we promised that when it was over, we’d never stop looking for each other. I never wanted to wake up, but I did. Heartbroken, I realized things like that don’t really happen. That morning, my mother showed me pictures of the house Dad had bought, and I nearly fell over. It was the house that Slate and I visited my parents in. There’s no logical way it’s possible, but I couldn’t deny the evidence right in front of me. He was real; the man I loved was real, and I was going to Alabama to find him.

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